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   Chapter 627 Finally Let Linda Leave

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When Linda saw both Bun and Brian wearing fully black-colored clothes, she was surprised. She had no experience in sneaking into any private property, so she hadn't thought of changing into black-colored clothes.

"My Lady, please go back to your bedroom and put on black clothes now. It would be best if the clothes are tight too. You'll be easily discovered by the security guards if you wear anything light-colored. And I'm sure it will be very troublesome if we're discovered," said Bun.

Even if no one was inside the villa, it was probably heavily guarded with a lot of security guards patrolling around it. At the very least, there would be one or two security guards at the entrance who would inquire visitors before allowing them in. Since Linda hadn't gotten a search warrant authorized by the police, she didn't have any legitimate reason to enter and search Langston's house.

Their best bet was to covertly climb the wall and sneak into the villa, and to do that, they'd have to dress in black so that the patrolling guards wouldn't spot them easily.

Linda quickly went back to her bedroom and searched her wardrobe for a set of black-colored clothes.

Charles was sitting on the bed and looking through a company file. He had just returned from work and didn't know what Linda, Bun, and Brian were planning to do. The only thing he knew was that Lily and Nelson had come to the villa and they would spend the weekend here.

Seeing Linda turning over the clothes in her wardrobe, Charles was curious. He put down his file, went up to Linda, and asked,"Honey, what are you looking for?"

"Honey, please help me find something black to wear. Preferably something tight," Linda said as she continued rummaging around the wardrobe.

'Black and tight clothes?' Charles thought, confused.

"Honey, it's already half past ten at night. Aren't you going to sleep? Why do you need those clothes?" Charles asked, pressing his chest against Linda's back and wrapping his arms around her waist tightly.

Linda tilted her head toward Charles and saw the passionate look in his eyes. She instantly understood what he was trying to do. Her husband wanted her now.

But she had something important to do!

So she immediately turned around, gave him a light shove, and said,"No, no, not now, honey. I have something important to do and I need to go out now. Please just help me look for the clothes I need."

"You're going out this late at night? Where are you going?" Charles asked as he began ki

g that Linda was already completely drained, Charles finally let go of her. Linda felt so exhausted that she just wanted to sleep. But as she closed her eyes, Charles kissed her gently on the forehead and said,"Babe, get up and do what you need to do now. Bun and Brian are waiting for you. Don't keep them waiting for too long."

All of a sudden, Linda became pissed off. What a sly fox! He had satisfied his desire and was now urging her to do what she was supposed to do. In a rage, she scolded,"You jerk! You're becoming bolder and bolder!" As she spoke, she raised her hand and twisted his ear.

"Honey, no..." Charles protested weakly, sitting meekly on the bed and letting Linda twist his ear without budging. It was such an odd scene that anybody who saw it wouldn't believe their eyes.

The Master of the Mu Clan, the CEO of the Mu's Group, was being scolded by his wife on the bed while his ear was being twisted! What a funny sight!

"Hmph! Damn it," Linda cursed angrily and then got up from the bed. She quickly put on her clothes, bearing the ache all over her body. She could feel her legs trembling.

Suddenly, Brian complained again from outside the room.

"Are you done? It's been more than an hour. We've almost fallen asleep waiting for you guys. Please restrain yourselves!"

As Charles began to look for a set of black and tight clothes for Linda, Linda quickly went to the bathroom to have a quick shower.

Then, she put on the black clothes that Charles had picked for her and immediately opened the door.

Seeing Linda finally coming out, Brian leaned against the door and teased,"Charles, you're finally willing to let Linda leave?"

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