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   Chapter 626 Went To Langston's Villa At Night

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In order to become famous, many stars traded sexual favors with the directors. And since such things were common in the entertainment circle, no one in this room would be that surprised if they found out that Sophia had hooked up with Langston.

What Linda was more curious about was whether Leo knew about Sophia and Langston if they had really had that kind of relationship. Leo was obviously in love with Sophia, so would he still be willing to help her even after knowing about it? Leo was really a miserable man.

Thinking about it made Linda feel pity for him.

"Now the most important thing is to figure out whether Sophia had a relationship with Langston," Brian said seriously.

Linda nodded, agreeing with him.

"That's right. If they had a relationship, we'll definitely be able to dig up something about it."

"I have an idea. We can check the hotel check-in records of Langston and Sophia. I think we can get some leads from that," Bun said, suddenly coming up with an idea.

It was a great place to start, so Paul immediately told the WSS members to investigate Langston and Sophia's check-in records. The WSS members carried out the investigation very quickly and Linda received a report from them within half an hour.

She was astonished to learn that from 2015 to 2017, Langston had checked into hotel rooms with his own identity card 197 times. And this was only the count for domestic hotels. Apart from that, he often traveled abroad, so he would have stayed in a lot of hotel rooms abroad during these few years as well.

"Langston is amazing. He goes on business trips so often. During these two years, he has checked into 197 hotel rooms. That means he probably stayed in hotels twice a week." When Lily Jiang looked at the hotel check-in records, the corner of her mouth twitched.

The investigation report was so detailed that Linda could even check the exact time that Langston had checked in, apart from the name of the hotel and the room number.

"Are there any hotel check-in records of Sophia? Have they gotten her records?"

A WSS member soon transmitted Sophia's hotel check-in records to Linda so that she could check the records on her laptop.

Sophia had checked into hotel rooms with her own identity card 70 times from 2015 to 2017. Since she was a star, she had to go to many different places to take part in all kinds of activities. She would even have to stay in hotels for a week at a stretch sometimes.

So when Linda saw

et. Then she said,"I'm sad that you're not letting me come with you."

"It doesn't matter, Lily. You and Nelson can stay here this weekend. Tonight, Bun, Brian, Paul and I will go to Langston's villa to have a look. If we find something like a phone or a laptop, we will bring it back here so that you can crack the password for us and we can check the contents. There are many other things that only you can help me with, so you don't have to come along with us now. Things might go bad if there are so many of us."

Lily Jiang nodded in understanding and decided to wait for them to come back.

One of the main reasons Linda didn't want to let Lily come along with them was because Nelson would definitely insist on coming along as well. If the six of them went to Langston's villa together and it turned out that there were people inside, they would be very easy to get caught.

And even if there was no one in the villa, it was useless for all of them to go there. Linda just wanted to take a look. And since they didn't have a search warrant, they had to make sure that they wouldn't be seen by anyone. If they got caught, none of their explanations would be convincing enough.

At about 10:30 at night...

After Linda nursed Little Potato and Little Tomato, the two babies quickly fell asleep.

Like many mothers, there were times when Linda wanted her babies to grow up quickly and there were times when she didn't. After all, all children were cute, especially when they were this little, and her own babies were so adorable that she was willing to take care of them and play with them all the time.

"My Lady, we're ready to go now."

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