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   Chapter 625 The Special Relationship Between Sophia And Langston

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 8486

Updated: 2019-02-28 00:06

On the film set...

Leo Liu was standing in a corner attentively watching Sophia acting a scene in the movie when his phone suddenly rang. He took it out and looked at the number on the screen. Without any emotion on his face, he quickly walked to the men's room.

"Hello, Mr. Liu. I'm calling to tell you that Paul, the general manager, came to the security department earlier today and took away all the surveillance videotapes," said the person on the other end of the line.

"Okay, I see. Thanks," Leo responded simply and hung up the phone.

He wasn't too worried about it because he had already arranged for someone to damage all the surveillance footage.

Since he didn't want anyone in the company to know anything, he didn't tell the security guard outright that he needed to damage all those videotapes. Instead, he bribed one of the security guards there to show him the footage.

After that, he hired another skilled man to sneak into the security department and damage all those videotapes. He also instructed that man to steal some of the things inside the department to make it seem like a theft case.

Leo knew how clever Linda was and that she would surely suspect Sophia one day. When that day came, there should be no evidence for her to find.

So, he damaged all those videotapes soon after Langston's death. The security cameras had clearly recorded Sophia bumping into Langston and exchanging a few words with him on the day of his disappearance. The footage also showed Langston leaving the office soon after Sophia left. If Linda saw this footage, her suspicions toward Sophia would definitely increase.

But as long as all the videotapes were damaged, Linda would lose one important clue to guide her in her investigation. Even if Linda suspected Sophia, she wouldn't be able to find any solid evidence to prove Sophia's crime. And in the worst case scenario that Linda did find out information that would implicate Sophia, Leo was determined to do everything necessary to protect Sophia.

At the Mu Clan's villa, after working hard for three hours, Lily finally managed to restore most of the damaged video files except two of them, which had been badly damaged on purpose. Lily had tried her best but failed to restore those two videos, so only a few blurry pictures could be seen on them.

Then, Linda began to watch all the videos one by one.

Lily was playing the videos on fast forward, because it would take too much time to watch all of them completely.

But even though the videos wer

Brian said slowly, trying to recall the details.

Suddenly, Linda felt everything fall into place. If Brian's implication was correct, then there was a link between Sophia and Langston. Talent alone wasn't enough for someone to become famous. There were a lot of other factors and opportunities that would help boost a person's popularity.

"Wow! Are you talking about the casting couch? Sophia had a dirty deal with Langston?" Lily asked in disbelief, widening her eyes and covering her mouth in shock.

There were some hidden rules in the entertainment industry. Even though Linda and Lily weren't familiar with the industry, they had watched a lot of gossip about celebrities. Some of the scandals about the trading of sexual favors were exposed by the media, but a lot more were still covered up. The entertainment industry was a very complicated one.

"Paul, please dig into the relationship between Sophia and Langston and see if you can confirm Brian's guess or find more clues about this case. Also, please investigate all the residential properties registered in Langston's name and find out where he usually stayed. If it's possible, please ask the police to authorize us a search warrant to search all of Langston's houses. I think we can find more clues if we have a right to search his houses," Linda instructed Paul.

"Yes, My Lady,"

Paul responded and immediately did as per her instructions.

Bun's curiosity was intrigued, so she said in a playful voice,"If Sophia really did exchange sexual favors with Langston and the media found out about it, it would be sensational news! After all, Langston Fu is already 47 years old while Sophia is just in her 20s!"

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