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   Chapter 624 The Surveillance Videos Have been Damaged Deliberately

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7214

Updated: 2019-02-27 00:16

"What's wrong?"

"When Paul went to the security room to get the surveillance footage, he was told that the footage was damaged. Apparently, someone had broken into the security room and muddled up the surveillance videotapes, particularly the ones that we wanted."

From this, it was obvious to Linda that there was someone who was trying to hide something about Langston's disappearance. She was now sure that Langston was dead.

If he was alive, no one would recklessly destroy the surveillance footage that would show his whereabouts before he had disappearance.

Since Linda didn't know how badly the footage was damaged and if it could be restored, she asked Bun to tell Paul to bring those videotapes to her house.

Then, she called Nelson.

It was about 3 o'clock in the afternoon now and it was a Friday, so Linda guessed that Nelson might be planning to go and pick Lily Jiang up from school.

Last time, when Linda's babies were abducted, Cindy had been the one who had helped restore the damaged surveillance footage. But in the process, she had taught Lily Jiang how to restore damaged footage as well. Since Cindy wasn't here, Linda hoped that Lily Jiang would be able to help her this time. If Lily Jiang wasn't able to do it, then they would have to send the videotapes to Cindy, which would take a long time.

Nelson was surprised that Linda had called him.

"My Lady," Nelson said with respect as soon as he picked up the phone.

"Nelson, are you going to pick Lily up later?"

Nelson blushed, feeling a little shy. Then, he replied,"Yes, I'm meeting her after her classes are over. Since today is Friday and she doesn't have to go to school tomorrow, we're going to hang out together."

"Great, I need to talk to Lily. After you pick her up, could you both come to my house to have dinner? I want her to help me restore some surveillance footage. Last time, at the karaoke club, Lily restored the videotapes with Cindy, so I think it wouldn't be too difficult for her to do it alone this time."

"Okay, no problem," Nelson replied.

After saying goodbye, Linda hung up, and then sent a text message to Lily Jiang to

since she had seen Linda's text message, she couldn't wait to get to the Mu Clan's villa. She could barely focus in class because all she could think about was putting her newly learned skills to use and helping Linda.

"Okay," said Linda before asking Paul to bring the videotapes to Lily Jiang. Paul came with the tapes a few moments later.

Lily Jiang took out her laptop and connected the videotapes to it so that she could access the video files.

In the past months, Lily Jiang had carefully studied the restoration software that Cindy had given her. She had also made certain improvements to it according to her understanding, so now, it would be easy for her to restore any damaged video file.

She quickly typed something on her laptop and something that no one else could understand flashed across her screen.

"What's the situation? Can they be restored?"

"These videotapes have been seriously damaged, but yes, I can restore them. It might take a long time to restore all of them though, because I'm not as experienced as Cindy," Lily Jiang said seriously without taking her eyes off the laptop.

"It doesn't matter. Take your time. You can restore them after having dinner and stay here for the night if you want," Linda said.

After all, it wasn't urgent. Linda was merely helping the police investigate the case because she was bored. Besides, she couldn't ask Lily Jiang to help her on an empty stomach.

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