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   Chapter 623 Dote On Me Only

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"She behaves well these few days and is willing to act her scenes according to the director's instructions without much complaining," Adrian replied honestly, glancing at Sophia as he spoke.

But Linda still felt that Sophia's behavior was strange.

The makeup artist quickly helped fix Sophia's makeup.

Sophia's makeup was heavier this time but she still looked very beautiful.

But since she had cried just now, her eyes still looked a bit swollen.

"Please get ready, everyone. We're about to start filming very soon." The director asked the whole movie crew to prepare for the filming. Then, seeing Linda there, he immediately walked up to her to greet her.

"My Lady, what brings you here?" he asked Linda with a smile.

Linda shook her head and replied,"Well, I just came over here to investigate a case. There is nothing important to deal with."

After glancing at Sophia, she continued,"Langston's wife has reported to the police that Langston has been missing for a week. So, I come here to ask Sophia if she knows anything about it. After all, Langston helped her before and she might be on familiar terms with him."

"I've no idea where Langston is! I haven't seen him for a long time," Sophia snapped, turning to Linda.

"Really? You haven't contacted or met each other lately? But I heard that you met him last week," Linda said, smiling at Sophia.

Sophia was taken aback upon hearing Linda.

Before Sophia could say anything, Leo said,"My Lady, are you just joking? Sophia has been on the set of the movie these past few days. And before that, she was busy reading the script, so she couldn't have had a chance to meet Mr. Langston."

"She really hasn't seen him? Leo, I asked Sophia a question, so why are you answering it instead?" Linda asked, looking at Leo with curiosity.

It seemed odd that he would help Sophia make such an explanation. It almost felt like he was covering for her.

"Sophia is very tired now and she might not be up to talking. Since I'm her manager, it's my duty to help her answer questions. Don't you think so, My Lady?" Leo gave Linda a smile, looking calm.

Linda carefully observed the expression on his face but she couldn't tell whether he was really calm or just pretending to be.

"Sophia, you are so lucky to ha

earance. Now that she had seen it, she thought that it was time for her to leave.

"Linda, why don't you stay here and hang out with us a little longer?"

"No. I've already been out for a long time and my two babies are at home, so I should go back to look after them."

Since Linda was still nursing her children with breast milk, she had to go back home to breastfeed them. Even though they didn't have to be nursed several times a day now, Linda insisted on doing it because she had learned that breast milk was good for her babies' health and the act of breastfeeding her babies was also good for herself.

"Okay. Tomorrow is my birthday. Don't forget to come here to pick me up," Adrian reminded Linda, worrying that she would forget.

His manager wasn't around now, so he would feel lonely and unhappy if he had to take a taxi alone to his own birthday party tomorrow.

Nothing could be worse than going to your own birthday party venue on a taxi, alone! And the driver wouldn't give you a free ride just because it was your birthday!

"Okay. I will remember that. How about I pick you up at 4 o'clock tomorrow afternoon?"

After seeing Linda leave, Sophia finally felt relieved. She had been very nervous and restless because of all the guilt she was feeling.

After all, this was the first time she had killed someone, so she had a guilty conscience that made her sweat and fidget a lot.

Linda got into the car.

"My Lady, Paul called to tell me that he has gotten the surveillance videos, but..."

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