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   Chapter 622 It Was Quite Strange

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"She doesn't seem suspicious to me. She's acting the same way as she always does, stubborn as a donkey and nasty as a bitch," said Bun, shaking her head as she stared at Sophia's back.

"Didn't you notice that she didn't quarrel with me today? And it seems like she was trying to avoid me," said Linda.

"She didn't seem suspicious to me either. But I trust your instincts, Linda," said Brian, who was also watching Sophia walk away.

Just as he finished speaking, Bun knocked him on the head and said,"Don't be an ass kisser!"

Confused, Brian smiled wryly, rubbing the spot on his head that Bun had knocked.

How was he an ass kisser? He was just telling the truth. He didn't find anything suspicious about Sophia because he didn't know her at all.

Linda burst out laughing as she watched Brian and Bun bicker.

But in the back of her mind, she was still thinking about the case. Langston was a renowned and respectable musician, and more importantly, he was working for Charles; so she really wanted to find out the truth behind his disappearance.

What Linda didn't know was that her simple questions on the set today had scared the hell out of Leo and Sophia.

On the set, Sophia had been as cool as a cucumber and had left calmly with Leo. But the moment she stepped into her hotel room and closed the door, she began shivering in fear.

"Leo, what should I do? Linda Xia has begun to suspect me!"

Sophia cried, sobbing.

For the whole week, she had been at the edge of a mental breakdown. She looked haggard with severe dark circles under her eyes. She had to wear thick makeup just to look normal.

"Don't be afraid, Sophia! Maybe she was just testing you. There's no way she knows the truth. You must calm down and stop panicking, got it? Try to avoid any conflict with her. She's very smart. We must be careful! We can't afford to make even one more mistake," said Leo.

People might suspect that Langston had been murdered, but as long as his body wasn't found, he would still be considered missing.

Leo had thrown Langston's body into the moat

assistant hurriedly ran to the hotel and found Leo and Sophia in her room. "Sorry, she just came back to get something. We will come back to the set immediately," Leo apologized at once.

Then, Sophia packed up and went back to the set. She had ruined her makeup while crying, so Leo went to look for the makeup artist.

Sophia looked around and was startled to see that Linda was still at the set.

She lowered her head subconsciously so that Linda wouldn't see her face.

However, Sophia's movements drew Linda's attention. Linda noticed that Sophia's eyes were red and swollen. Had she cried?

Linda was confused. Since when had Sophia been so vulnerable? Even when Linda scolded her or yelled at her, Sophia always talked back. But this time, all Linda had done was ask her a few questions...and she had gone back to the hotel to cry?

"Miss Gao, please help reapply Sophia's makeup. Sand flew into her eyes and made her cry. Hurry up! They're about to start filming," Leo said to a makeup artist standing by.

The makeup artist immediately opened her makeup kit and started fixing Sophia's makeup.

Adrian was watching them without saying anything.

Linda looked at him and asked,"How was she these past few days?"

Why had Sophia come to work obediently without fussing? Linda had never expected that Sophia would give in. It was totally out of character for her.

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