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   Chapter 621 Sophia Is Suspicious

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For now, Linda considered Rebecca Liang as the most important suspect in this case since Rebecca was Langston's wife.

Another person Linda was suspicious of was Sophia, because of her strange behavior lately.

That was why Linda was on her way to the set of the movie to see if she could find anything off about Sophia.

Linda had studied psychology at university, so she could read most people's minds just by observing the subtle expressions on their faces. She would be able to judge if Sophia had anything to do with Langston's disappearance just by looking at her expressions.

Even though Linda's instinct made her suspicious of Sophia, she really hoped that Sophia wasn't involved in it. If Sophia did have something to do with Langston's disappearance, Linda couldn't cover up her crime and let her off even though she was the most popular artist of the Mu's Group. Sophia would have ruined her bright future if she had indeed committed any crime.

When Linda arrived at the set, she saw the crew shooting a scene with Adrian and Alina.

Linda didn't want to interrupt them while they were working, so she silently stood at one side and watched their performance. Much to Linda's satisfaction, Alina indeed had good acting skills.

In this scene, the female lead was supposed to cry. Right on cue, tears sprang to Alina's eyes and began pouring down her cheeks. Alina cried hysterically, looking morose. Her performance was so good that it touched everyone and made them empathize with what the female lead had gone through.

Although almost all actors would come across a scene where they had to cry at some point in their career, most of them weren't skilled at showing that much emotion. Touching the audience with their tears was the mark of a good actor. So after seeing Alina's spectacular performance, Linda was more confident about her talent in acting.

Linda waited patiently for them to finish shooting the scene. When Alina and Adrian finally got a break, Linda went over to greet them.

Alina was surprised to see Linda at the set all of a sudden. She hastily walked over to greet Linda with a big smile, a contrast to the tears that were still on her face.

"My Lady, I'm so glad to see you here. But what brings you here today?" asked Alina.

Linda looked at her and said with a smile,"Well, it seems you forgot what I told you. You don't have to address me with so much courtesy. Don't you remember?"

"Yes, yes, Linda, I'm sorry. I'm just not used to calling you Linda. So what brings you here?"

Alina asked as she took a piece of tissue paper from her assistant's hand and wiped off her tears.

"Nothing special. I just came here to see you and Adrian. I also wanted to know if you

e you seen Langston Fu in the past week?"

But Sophia remained sprawling on the sofa without responding to Linda's question. Linda couldn't stand seeing Sophia continue to pretend to be asleep.

"Sophia, don't pretend to be sleeping. I know you're awake. Please answer my question now!" Linda yelled, getting angry at Sophia's behavior. She had to force Sophia to say something, otherwise, she wouldn't be able to find out anything about the case. Leo was too composed, so Sophia was the only one that she might be able to get clues from.

Hearing Linda yell was the last straw for Sophia. She abruptly sat up, took off her sunglasses and glared at Linda, yelling,"You're so noisy! Do you know you've interrupted my rest? How can I play my role well if I don't get enough sleep?!"

"Oh, I interrupted your rest? Well, if that's the case, then I guess I have to apologize to you. But I've never seen anyone sleep with their shoulders shaking so fiercely," Linda said sarcastically.

Sophia's face instantly went pale and she quickly turned her eyes away from Linda.

She snapped,"That's none of your business. It has nothing to do with you! Linda Xia, I don't have the time to quarrel with you. Leo, let's go."

Upon finishing her words, she quickly dragged Leo away.

Linda watched them walk away, unable to shake off her suspicion. Sophia's behavior today was too strange.

Even though Linda had challenged Sophia outright, Sophia had only retorted half-heartedly before dragging Leo away. That was not the Sophia that Linda was used to. Was Sophia acting like this only because she was really scared of being banished from the entertainment industry?

As Linda watched Sophia disappear into the distance, she turned to Bun and said,"Bun, I think that Sophia is acting suspicious. What do you think?"

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