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   Chapter 620 That's None Of Your Business

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 8277

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Having gotten a basic idea of Rebecca's background, Linda handed the phone back to Bun. Then, staring straight into Rebecca's eyes, she asked,"Mrs. Fu, do you and your husband love each other?"

An impatient look appeared on Rebecca's face after she heard Linda's question.

"Haven't I told you the answer already?" retorted Rebecca.

"Have you? I don't think that you have," said Linda, shrugging her shoulders. Linda was beginning to suspect that Rebecca was hiding something because of how reluctant she was to answer the questions.

"Whether we love each other or not is none of your business," retorted Rebecca again.

"Okay," said Linda, getting up from the chair. "We'll leave it at that then. I was just asking. If you don't want to cooperate with us, we won't force you to. Bun, Brian, let's go."

Rebecca was stunned. She had never thought that Linda would let go of that question so easily.

But before walking out of the room, Linda turned around and said,"I believe that you've known for a week that your husband is missing. You also claim that you haven't been able to contact him at all. Since he didn't commit any crimes, he doesn't have any reason to go into hiding. So the only possibility I can think of is that he's already dead. He either committed suicide or was murdered by someone. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

"Are you saying that I murdered him?" Rebecca asked, laughing hysterically and shaking her head.

"I would never kill him. Why would I? I don't even have a motive," continued Rebecca.

"Motive? You'd better wish that I don't find any motive of yours," sneered Linda.

Then, she walked away with Brian and Bun.

The minute they got into the car, Bun said,"My Lady, don't you think that there's something suspicious about Rebecca? She looked so guilty and kept trying to avoid answering your questions. Should we ask the police to bring her into the police station to question her? We'll be able to get more information out of her if we question her there, and we might find out whether she had something to do with Langston's disappearance as well."

Shaking her head, Linda said,"Although Rebecca looked suspicious, I don't think she would kill her husband. As she said, she doesn't have any motive. She married Langston a long time ago, and their property is community property. Langston became famous after their marriage and now he is earning much more than he did before. Rebecca wouldn't want him dead."

h a popular celebrity these days. She knew that even if she didn't attend his dinner party with Charles, his twentieth birthday would still make the headlines.

"Okay, okay, we'll be there," said Linda.

"I've booked RO hotel for my birthday party. If you're free tomorrow, can you come and drive me to the hotel? My car broke down and I just took it to the repair shop. Apparently, it will take half a month to be up and running again," said Adrian.

Half a month was quite a long time for a car repair. Linda wondered what was wrong with Adrian's car. "How did it break down? Did you meet with an accident?" asked Linda.

"I went for a drive yesterday, and a truck pulled out to overtake my car. I wasn't able to slow down in time, so it hit my car's bumper," replied Adrian honestly.

It was very dangerous driving with trucks on the road.

"Are you okay?" Linda asked with concern.

Shaking his head, Adrian said,"I'm okay. I just hit my forehead against the wheel. But thank you for asking."

Listening to Adrian's answer finally set Linda's mind at rest. She chatted with him for a little while more before hanging up. Even though Adrian had invited Charles too, Linda thought that it would be better if Charles made his own decision about whether to come along to the party or not.

Adrian's phone call had reminded Linda of the fact that all actors and actresses always wanted to make the headlines. And yet, Sophia had been lying low for a while. Why?

Did her unusual behavior have something to do with Langston's disappearance? Linda decided to go to the set of the movie to see if she had missed any important clues.

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