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   Chapter 619 Why Don't You Have Children

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"I've already given my statement at the police station. Why have you come to my house to interrogate me now? I think I've reported everything that I know about my husband's disappearance," Rebecca said, confused by the sudden visit of the three people in front of her.

She stood at the doorstep without showing any intention of welcoming them into the apartment.

"We have some questions about the statements that you made earlier, so we hope that you can cooperate with us and clarify them," Linda explained as she stared into Rebecca's bloodshot eyes. The weariness was obvious in them.

"Fine, then please go ahead and ask your questions now," Rebecca replied.

"Mrs. Fu, aren't you going to invite us into your home?" Linda asked with a polite smile.

Next to Linda, Brian and Bun discreetly exchanged glances with each other.

They both felt that Rebecca was suspicious, judging from the expression on her face. She didn't seem very concerned about her husband's whereabouts and safety.

Rebecca seemed to realize her impolite behavior after hearing Linda's question, because she pulled the door wide open and gestured to them, saying,"Please come in."

Linda was a little surprised that Rebecca was inviting them in. She had thought that Rebecca would refuse to cooperate with them.

After entering the apartment, Linda began to scan everything in the room.

The whole living room was spotlessly clean and tidy, and the decoration was simple, as if it was a brand new room that nobody had lived in.

After ushering them into the living room, Rebecca went to the kitchen to make tea for the guests. Seeing Rebecca go into the kitchen, Linda secretly whispered into Bun's ear,"Bun, ask someone in the WSS organization to investigate the condition of Rebecca and Langston's marriage life."

Bun silently nodded her head and took out her phone in a casual way. She quickly texted a member of the WSS and then put the phone back into her pocket.

A few moments later, Rebecca came out of the kitchen and served them the tea.

Much to Linda's surprise, Rebecca had served them tea in disposable plastic cups.

Why hadn't she served them tea in teacups or just any available glasses in the house?

Linda felt that the owners of this apartment were strange people, judging from the decoration of the living room and the way the hostess had received the guests.

"I'm sorry. I'm a germaphobe, so I always use disposable cups for the guests,"

Rebecca explained to Linda after she put down the plastic cups in front of them and sat down on the sofa.

It sounded reasonable. If Rebecca was indeed a germaphobe, that might be the reason why the apartment was especially clean and she was serving tea to her guests in disposable cups. Linda thought that her behavior made sense now.

"Never mind. I understand," Linda said with a smile.

"So what are the questions that you wanted to ask me? Please go ahead," Rebecca said, smoothening the strands of hair on her forehead.

"Could you tell me when you were last able to contact your husband?" Linda asked.

Without hesitation, Rebecca answered,

d and then replied,"I don't know how to put this. We're not a newly married couple, obviously. We've been living together for so long that we're used to each other's presence. But I can't clearly tell you whether the relationship between us should be considered good or bad."

Linda smiled politely and shrugged. Rebecca hadn't given her a straightforward answer. Why couldn't she just tell Linda whether they still loved each other or not even though they had been together for a long time? Linda believed that she would love Charles as much as she did now even ten or twenty years down the road.

She would love him until the end because he was the right one for her.

Since Rebecca had talked about the relationship between her and her husband with such indifference, Linda began to become suspicious of her again. If the couple had a happy marriage life, it would have shown on Rebecca's face.

Right then, the message tone sounded on Bun's phone.

Bun took out her phone and quickly looked at the message before passing it to Linda. Linda saw that it was a message from the WSS organization reporting the information that she asked for about twenty minutes ago.

The WSS organization worked fast indeed. They had found out a lot about Rebecca's background in such a short time.

Linda quickly glanced through the message and found that Rebecca Liang had been born into a wealthy family. Her father had been a tycoon in real estate but her family business had gone into bankruptcy within two years of her marriage to Langston. Langston and Rebecca had kept their marriage a secret from the public for five years.

In fact, no one had even known Rebecca's name until some paparazzi found out about Langston's secret marriage a few years ago. That was around the same time that Langston had risen to fame after composing several hit songs which had boosted the popularity of a few female singers.

Although his marriage had finally been exposed to the public, it hadn't caused a huge uproar at that time because Langston was just a music producer instead of a pop icon.

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