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   Chapter 618 Report The Case To The Police After A Week

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7696

Updated: 2019-02-24 00:17

Brian didn't have anything important to deal with these days, and Lord Ho was hoping that Bun could get pregnant and give birth as soon as possible.

So, Brian didn't mind living in the Mu Clan's villa along with Bun.

After he had learned that Bun had to stay in the Mu Clan's villa to protect Linda, he had immediately agreed to move in.

Besides, since he was on holiday now, he was glad to do anything as long as he could stay with Bun.

Now that Bun was responsible for protecting Linda, Brian needed to protect Bun and Linda. Brian wasn't willing to let Bun face anything dangerous because he loved her and cared about her very much.

"Okay. Charles, no problem. I will try my best to protect Linda and Bun," Brian said to Charles.

Being a military officer, Brian had received enough training in the military to be capable of protecting both Bun and Linda. Charles felt at ease knowing that Brian would be with Linda and Bun when Linda was helping investigate the case.

Linda finished eating the deep-fried dough stick and picked up a napkin to wipe her hands. After that, she said,"Let's go to the police station to figure out what has happened."

Brian said,"Linda, we don't have to go to the police station. Look, Paul is carrying a stack of documents in his hands. I'm guessing that those documents contain the information that the police have about Langston."

Being experienced in such matters, Brian quickly guessed what Paul might have in his hands.

Paul nodded and handed the documents as well as a USB flash drive to Linda. Then he said,"My Lady, these contain information about Langston along with an oral record from his wife. Do you want to have a look?"

Linda nodded, feeling a bit embarrassed and nervous because she had never looked into a case formally before.

But she did have some experience in investigation, because she had once investigated the matters of Sherry and Walker.

"Honey, I have to leave now. Take your time. I believe you can figure out the whole thing,"

Charles said. After finishing his breakfast, he kissed Linda's cheek and left.

There were many things in his company for him to deal with. And since Linda intended to investigate this matter, he didn't have to get involved in it. He knew that Linda was very smart and would

ife and learn more about the matter.

Brian drove Linda and Bun to Langston's house in his car.

Langston's wife was called Rebecca Liang. She has been married to Langston for eight years but they didn't have any children.

Their house was a high-class apartment. After they reached, Linda asked Bun to knock at the door.

Rebecca Liang quickly opened the door.

When she saw Linda, Brian, and Bun standing at the door, she was a bit confused because she didn't know who they were.

"Hi. We are here to assist the police in investigating the case about your husband's disappearance. We want to ask you a few questions about the matter," Linda said flatly.

She said these words bluntly so that she could observe Rebecca's expression. If Langston had really been murdered, then Rebecca Liang, his wife, was the prime suspect.

After learning the purpose of their visit, Rebecca Liang was stunned and stood rooted to the spot. She had no intention of letting Linda, Bun, and Brian enter the house.

Linda felt even more confused.

She wondered whether Rebecca killed Langston, and then reported the case to the police a week later. After all, Linda couldn't understand why it had taken Rebecca Liang a week to call the police.

As far as she knew, if a woman lost contact with her husband for a whole day, she would definitely begin to look for him and call the police for help. But Rebecca Liang had waited a whole week before telling the police about Langston's disappearance, which made Linda suspicious of her.

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