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   Chapter 617 Langston Disappeared

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Bun stood there with a look of utter disbelief on her face.

"Sophia actually went to the set and started working? Paul, are you kidding?" asked Bun.

Based on the terrible impression Bun had gotten from Sophia, she couldn't believe that Sophia would agree to play a minor role in a film.

"Of course I'm not. I had someone check on her this morning. She did work at the set, and apparently she looks dedicated," Paul replied.

"I don't believe that she could actually accept this new arrangement. She's probably planning a way to get back at Lady Linda right now!" said Bun, shaking her head.

"I don't think so. I think she changed her mind suddenly after I threatened her several days ago when she came to the office. She wanted to see Young Master but I was there instead of him. And I told her that if she rejects the role, I will freeze her out of the entertainment industry. After all, the contract she has signed with us won't expire until three years later. So until then, she has to do as I say,"

Paul replied.

"Okay, let's just forget about this incident since she has already gone back to work. We taught her a lesson, anyway.

Let the past be past," said Linda.

A week passed smoothly without any problems. Sophia hadn't made any noise and nobody from the set had complained about her. Linda therefore didn't bother to go to the set again. Besides, she didn't want to see Sophia anymore. From what she had heard, everything was going well on the set.

Since the crew had already shot all the scenes once, the retake went smoothly. The only thing that had changed was that the lead actress was Alina instead of Sophia.

To everyone's surprise, Alina had turned out to be a talented actress.

It could be said that her skills were on par with Sophia's.

But nobody had the courage to praise Alina in public. After all, Sophia was still regarded as the leading actress of the Mu's Group's entertainment company in the film industry.

At the same time, there was an unexpected piece of news.

Paul hurried back to the villa from the company.

"Young Master, My Lady! Langston Fu, our entertainment company's music director, has disappeared. His wife has already called the police and they're trying to locate him," said Paul.


e wouldn't have gone to the set that day, and the incident with Sophia wouldn't have happened.

But no matter what Linda did, Charles would always support her.

Sophia deserved what she had gotten anyway.

One of the reasons Charles loved Linda was because she was neither arrogant nor rash. She had a kind and peaceful heart. In Charles's eyes, Linda was very special, not like other girls.

He loved spending time with her because being with her made him feel comfortable, especially when she was eating. Linda was really cute when it came to food.

Marriage was actually all about finding someone you liked and having dinner together with them for the rest of your life.

Charles loved watching Linda dine. Although he didn't cook, he had learned to cook Linda's favorite dish.

Nothing had made him happier than watching Linda finish the dish that he had cooked for her by himself.

"Sure, you can, but be careful. From tomorrow onwards, I'll be very busy. Remember to take Bun with you wherever you go," said Charles, veering his mind back to the conversation. He would never reject any of Linda's requests. Besides, it wasn't a big deal to let her join the investigation. He knew that she wouldn't get in the way.

The only thing he was worried about was Linda's safety, so he asked her to take Bun with her. And if Brian wanted to spend time with Bun, they could both protect Linda together. With that settled, Charles asked Paul to talk to the WSS about letting Linda join the investigation.

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