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   Chapter 616 The Filming Restarted

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Sophia had already attracted too much of Linda's attention by going up against her again and again, so Linda would surely probe into this event if she noticed anything unusual.

Thinking of Linda and Charles made Sophia feel very jealous. She wondered why God was so unfair to her.

Linda possessed the perfect man that Sophia had always been crazily in love with.

Seeing the jealous look in Sophia's eyes, Leo immediately understood what she was thinking about, so he stared into her eyes and said in a serious voice,"Sophia, wake up from your daydream. Why can't you understand the situation even now? You can't get something that is never supposed to belong to you. That's fate. It's pointless for you to pursue something so far away. Do you understand?"

Hearing his words, Sophia smiled self-mockingly. Leo was right. She could feel Charles getting farther and farther away from her. In the past, before she had confessed her love to Charles, he had at least paid some attention to her. Whenever they crossed paths and she tried to start a conversation with him, he would look at her and say a few words to her in response, because at that time, Sophia had been the most outstanding trainee among the group of new trainees hired by the entertainment company of the Mu's Group.

Even though she hadn't been excellent enough to have impressed Charles and attracted his romantic attention, she had at least been able to talk to him from time to time.

But now, Charles deliberately ignored her presence. She rarely got the chance to see him. And the last time they had met in his office, he had looked completely put off by her.

Charles was such an excellent and attractive man that many women easily fell for him. She had known right from the beginning that it would be hard for her to get him, but she had always indulged herself in her daydream, thinking that there might still be a chance for her to snatch the only Charles Mu in this world.

Anyway, after the horrible experience she went through last night, Sophia felt exhausted, both physically and mentally. "Leo, I understand. Thank you for always staying by my side," Sophia said in a hushed voice.

"Silly girl, don't think too much. Rest assured. I'll stay by your side forever, so don't be scared," Leo comforted her with a tender smile. He was touched after hearing Sophia's words of gratitude. Those few words were enough to make him feel like everything he had done for her was worth it.

"Leo, I'm still very scared.

And I really don't want to submit to fate. But I don't know what to do now," Sophia said, sobbing.

"Then just forget it and give up on the thing that you can't get," Leo said.

Sophia lightly nodded her head in agreement, but her heart still ached. It was very hard to let go of the most precious person in her heart. Maybe it was because Charles was so difficult to get that made him seem so special in her eyes. It was human nature for people to want what they couldn't get.

Of course, Leo understood the pain in Sophia's heart because he felt the sa

group of trainees that the company recently employed are quite excellent. We can pick one or two of them and develop them. It's not difficult to get someone to replace Sophia,"

Charles said casually.

Sophia wasn't and would never be the only superstar in the entertainment industry. Charles had been very tolerant toward her behavior in the beginning because he had thought that she wouldn't cross a line and would at least cherish the position that she had. However, she had stirred up trouble time and again and even forced Linda to handle it personally.

Linda had always been kind and forgiving to other people, so if she was stepping in to handle the matter personally and humiliating Sophia this much, it meant that Sophia had done too many things that Linda couldn't tolerate.

Of course, Charles had the power to make Sophia disappear altogether from the entertainment industry. He could boost a person's popularity or push them into a deep abyss.

While Charles and Linda were chatting happily, Paul arrived at the villa.

Since Charles had been spending more time with Linda lately, Paul had gotten much busier with work.

"My Lady, Young Master, the cast and crew on the film set started shooting at around eight o'clock this morning," Paul reported.

"The shooting has already started? What about Sophia? Did she go back to work?" Linda asked curiously.

"Yes, she has gone back to work."

Linda was surprised by Paul's words. She wondered why Sophia had suddenly changed her mind.

Was she really scared of being banished from the entertainment industry?

That was the only possible reason Linda could think of for Sophia's sudden obedience.

Although Linda was surprised, she somewhat felt relieved too. She hadn't really wanted to deprive Sophia of her work in the entertainment industry. Changing Sophia's role in this movie was only a punishment for her irresponsible behavior. Since she had realized her mistake and obeyed the decision of the company now, Linda wouldn't bother about Sophia anymore.

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