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   Chapter 614 I Don't Want To Be In Jail

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Sophia immediately got down from the sofa and shook Langston, who was lying motionlessly on the floor.

"Langston, Langston!" she cried. But Langston didn't move at all.

Sophia looked closer and realized that Langston's head was heavily damaged and bleeding.

She was scared to death, wondering if she had killed Langston. She hadn't meant to kill him. She had only wanted to protect herself and escape from this room.

But she had been so scared of what Langston would do to her that she had hit him really hard several times with the ashtray.

A few moments ago, under the dim light of the room, Langston had looked just like a demon from hell, making her tremble in fear.

Now that she had accidentally killed Langston, her fear only intensified. As she began panicking about what to do, the first face that popped into her mind was Leo's.

Trembling, she stood up from the floor and picked up her bag from the table next to the sofa.

Then, she took her phone out of the bag and immediately called Leo.

She felt like her heart almost pounded out of her chest as she waited for Leo to pick up.

At that moment, Leo was taking some rest at home. Since he had to keep Sophia company all the time, he hadn't gotten any proper rest in a long time and he was exhausted now. Being the manager of a star meant having to work all day, every day, with no rest all year round. So, he was pleased that he had finally gotten the chance to have a break, even if it was in the unpleasant circumstances.

When his phone suddenly rang, he was surprised to see that the call was from Sophia.

'Did Sophia already change her mind? Or did Langston successfully persuade her?' he wondered.

He answered the phone expecting many possibilities: that Sophia was still angry, or that she was excited that Langston could put in a word with the director of the movie for her, or that she was simply drunk. But the last thing he had expected was for her to sound frightened. "What should I do now? Leo, I killed someone. What do I do?"

Leo stood rooted to the spot in shock. He couldn't register her words properly and wondered if she was just too drunk to understand what she was talking about. After all, Sophia had told him that she was going to the bar alone to relax, but now she was saying that she had killed someone. Leo didn't know what to believe. Steadying his voice, he asked,"What happened? Sophia, stop being nervous. Calm down first and tell me what happened."

"Leo, I...I killed Langston. What do I do? I didn't mean to do it..." Sophia said in

m here, so don't worry. I'll figure something out right now. Just give me some time," Leo said reassuringly. Leo was actually panicking as much as Sophia on the inside because this was the first time he had ever been faced with such a situation, but he had to at least pretend like he was calm so that Sophia would calm down too. His heart couldn't take seeing Sophia in such a state. A part of him was also guilty about having told Langston where Sophia was in the first place. If he hadn't given that information to Langston, then maybe all this wouldn't have happened.

"Leo... I don't want to be sent to prison! Please do something," Sophia pleaded again and again.

"Did anyone see Langston enter this room?" Leo asked.

Sophia shook her head and said,"I don't know. But Langston wouldn't have known which room I was in, so one of the waiters probably led him here."

"Okay." Leo nodded, remembering that he hadn't told Langston the exact room which Sophia would be in.

Leo stood up and made Sophia sit on the sofa before dragging Langston's corpse behind it. After that, he said to Sophia,"I'm going to talk to my friend now. Stay right here and don't go anywhere. Just wait for me to come back. Got it?"

"Okay." Sophia nodded immediately.

Leo quickly rushed out of the room to find the manager of the bar.

The manager of the bar, Simon Wei, was his friend.

When Simon Wei saw Leo approaching him, he immediately greeted,"Leo. You're here! I was actually wondering why the star you work for came here alone today."

"Yes. She came here by herself," Leo said, nodding. Then, he gave Simon Wei a cigarette and said,"Do you have a minute? I need to talk to you about something."

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