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   Chapter 613 Don't Be So Stubborn And Reckless

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Updated: 2019-02-22 00:07

Fear gripped Sophia, because she knew why Langston had come here.

A wicked smile crossed Langston's face when he saw Sophia stop.

He stood up and walked up to her before grabbing her and pulling her close. "Sophia, you should have obeyed me like this and did what I told you to do earlier. If you had just listened to me, I wouldn't have had to say those things which frightened you," he said with an artificial smile.

"I'm not frightened. I know that you were just joking," Sophia said as casually as she could. She turned around and forced a smile at Langston.

But she was panicking on the inside. Langston was one of the few people that she was really afraid of, and it was all the more reason that she didn't want to show him that she was scared.

Everyone knew that Sophia's character had changed a lot after she had become famous. In fact, she seemed like a totally different person now. What they didn't know was that it was all because of Langston. Langston had tormented her so much that her whole temperament had changed in order to cope with the trauma.

"Sophia, why are you so disobedient lately? What is going on? Now that you're popular, are you going to ignore me and forget how kind I was to you? Before, you told me that you admired me, so why are you unwilling to see me now?"

Sophia swallowed nervously. She had indeed said such words in the past, but she had uttered them just because she had wanted to try her best to please Langston so that she could become famous.

She wasn't like the other trainees. She had realized early on that if she really wanted to become famous, she couldn't reach her goal by merely relying on her pleasant voice.

She could only gain popularity if there was also a chance for her to sing and a person who was willing to give her that chance.

But in the beginning, Sophia had only had a pleasant voice without any opportunities.

No one was willing to offer her a good chance to become a singer.

It was Langston who finally gave her that chance. He wrote a lot of great songs for her to sing, making her become the queen of pop.

Last year, Sophia's album had turned her into a sensation and garnered her a lot of awards. Since she was beautiful and had a great voice, she had easily become popular. And it was Langston who had helped her rise to fame.

"No, Mr. L

smell of Langston almost made Sophia vomit. It instantly reminded her of all the torture he had put her through.

"Let go of me, Langston. As I said, I don't owe you anything. And I don't need your help anymore. Please let me leave right now,"

Sophia yelled, struggling and trying to push Langston away.

"Don't think you can get away, bitch!" Seeing Sophia lying under him made Langston want to have sex with her right now.

He moved his face closer to Sophia, trying to kiss on her the lips, but she was struggling too much.

She desperately didn't want to have anything to do with him anymore.

And for some reason, Sophia had a bad feeling about tonight. It wasn't just that she was worried about her reputation, and she was actually unwilling to do anything with Langston and she felt like she was in danger. She didn't want to imagine what would happen if she didn't do something to stop him right now.

That was when she noticed that there was a glass ashtray on the table. She immediately picked it up and hit the back of Langston's head with it with all her strength.

Langston first touched the back of his head in shock from the sudden pain, but when he saw blood on his fingers, his shock turned to fury.

He squeezed Sophia's neck and shouted,"Damn it! Do you want to die?"

Extremely frightened and almost out of breath, Sophia squeezed her eyes shut and hit Langston's head with the ashtray again and again until his hand around her neck finally loosened.

Langston's body slipped lifelessly down onto the floor with a thud.

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