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   Chapter 612 To Become Famous

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 8370

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Sophia went to the underground parking lot and drove the car away in a bad mood. She was so angry and distressed that she pressed down hard on the accelerator, ignoring the other cars on the road.

When the drivers on the road saw how recklessly Sophia was driving, they rolled down their car windows and cursed at her.

Although they didn't recognize her as Sophia, the famous actress, because of the sunglasses she was wearing, they could still tell that she was a beautiful woman. They all shook their heads, wondering why such a pretty woman was driving without any appreciation for her life.

With the speed she was driving at, Sophia arrived at MR Bar in no time. This was the bar that she came to often with Leo.

Sophia didn't want anyone to recognize her, so she asked the manager of the bar for a private room.

The manager was Leo's friend, so he immediately arranged a private booth on the second floor for her.

But the manager wondered why Sophia had come to the bar alone. Until now, she had always come with Leo. After all, it wasn't safe for a woman to come to a bar alone, let alone a woman who was a famous celebrity like Sophia.

But even though he was curious and a little worried, he didn't ask her anything about it. Having been the manager of this high-class bar for years, he knew what he should say and what he shouldn't. So after leading Sophia to the private booth and bringing her the wine she wanted, the manager left.

Since Sophia had driven off with the car, Leo couldn't rush after her to the bar immediately. He decided to go back to his office upstairs so that he could get his wallet and take a taxi, and get to Sophia as soon as possible. He was anxious and worried since she had gone off alone. But when he turned around to go upstairs, he saw a man standing nearby.

It was none other than Langston.

Leo greeted him with a smile and said,"Mr. Langston, what brings you here?"

"I'm about to go out. But I wanted to ask you what's going on here. I noticed that Sophia seemed unhappy about something."

Since Langston had helped Sophia a lot before, Leo was grateful to him for his kindness and considered him one of Sophia's few well-wishers. So, he decided that he could tell Langston about any issues that Sophia was facing.

"Sophia is in a really bad mood because she was supposed to play the lead role in a movie but the producers suddenly replaced her with another actress, and now she has to act in the supporting role instead."

"Why w

ne of the people she always did her best to avoid.

"Stop! Do you really dare to take another step forward?" Langston asked furiously when he noticed that Sophia was trying to get away.

"Mr. Langston, please don't be so angry," Sophia said meekly, stopping in her tracks. She knew how much Langston had helped her in her early days. It was because of him that she had become such a famous singer.

She should have the utmost gratitude and respect toward him, but she didn't, because his help hadn't come free.

Langston didn't deserve any of her gratitude or respect because he was an evil monster.

She could never forget how much Langston had tortured her back when she was a trainee. He had forced her to do a lot of dirty things with him.

Since Sophia had wanted to become famous, she had given in to all his requests.

Once, Langston had taken her to a hotel room and had sex with her for three days, after which she felt so uncomfortable and dirty that she couldn't get out of bed for a whole week.

Langston also did many other cruel and humiliating things to Sophia, making her feel even more ashamed to even think about them again.

But in order to get the chance to become popular, Sophia had endured the torment and let Langston do whatever he liked.

She hadn't told anyone about these things, not even Leo. Leo just thought that Langston genuinely wanted to help Sophia because he was interested in her talent and her voice. However, there was no such thing as a free lunch; everything came with a price. Leo had probably never wondered about why Sophia was the only one that Langston had helped out of all the other talented artists.

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