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   Chapter 611 Banish Her from the Entertainment Industry

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 10477

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Sophia's anger kept rising as she sat in the backseat of the car and thought of what Linda had done. She was on the way to the company to protest their unjust decision. She didn't want to surrender so easily.

Leo had no choice but to drive her to the company, but he knew that the result would be the same. They wouldn't be able to change the decision of the company now.

He couldn't understand what Sophia was planning to do when they reached the office. Who was she going to argue with? Charles Mu? Leo believed that she might not even be able to approach Charles directly, let alone talk to him.

But since Sophia insisted on it, Leo had to take her to the company so that she could try her luck one last time. On the way, Leo kept telling Sophia to behave herself and not act recklessly anymore. If she ruined this last chance she had, she wouldn't even have the supporting role. Moreover, her career in the entertainment industry would really be over.

Despite Leo's repeated reminders to stay calm and composed, Sophia instantly jumped out of the car as soon as it stopped at the entrance of the company building and ran straight inside, rushing toward Charles's office.

As she ran, she turned her head around to look at Leo and ask him to follow her quickly, but she accidentally bumped into someone and fell onto the ground.

The person immediately lifted Sophia up and asked,"Sophia? What's happening? Where are you hurrying?"

After Sophia steadied herself onto her feet, she lifted her gaze to the person in front of her. Her eyes instantly filled with fear when she saw who it was.

Meanwhile, Leo was hurrying to reach Sophia. Since she had rushed into the building without even waiting for him to pull the car into the parking lot, Leo had asked a security guard at the entrance to help him park the car before quickly running after Sophia. He was afraid that her impulsive personality would bring her even more trouble and wanted to reach her before she could do any irreversible damage.

But by the time he caught up with Sophia, she had already bumped into someone and fallen down. Leo watched as the man lifted her up onto her feet.

The man Sophia had bumped into was Langston Fu, a skilled and famous music director who had been employed with a huge salary by the entertainment company of the Mu's Group.

Without wasting any more time, Leo ran up to Sophia and greeted Langston with respect. "Mr. Fu, it's nice to meet you here."

But Langston Fu hadn't expected to be interrupted by Leo, so he merely frowned and nodded to Leo in response. Then, he turned to Sophia again and asked with a smile,"Sophia, are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?"

Sophia hastily shook her head and pushed Langston away, saying,"I'm okay, Mr. Fu. I have something urgent to attend to, so I should get going now."

Right after she finished her words, Sophia immediately began running again without turning back to even look at Leo. Her strange and awkward interaction with Langston confused Leo. Langston could easily be considered as one of Sophia's benefactors. He had composed two songs for Sophia, one of whic

would be hard for her to enter the industry again after disappearing from the public eye for three years. Gritting her teeth, Sophia glared at Paul, but Paul merely threw her a glimpse before continuing with his work. He didn't want to waste time arguing with a narrow-minded and unreasonable woman like Sophia.

"Paul! You want to banish me from the entertainment industry? Do you really think that you can do that to me? Aren't you aware of how popular I am these days?" Sophia said wildly.

"You can just wait and see whether we can really do it or not," Paul said with a cold smile.

He was the general manager of the entertainment company under the Mu's Group and hence automatically Sophia's superior, but she was still stupid enough to try to threaten him.

The only regret Paul had about the whole situation was having employed Sophia as one of the company's trainees in the first place. He was so disappointed to see the unreasonable woman Sophia had become.

Finally realizing that she couldn't get what she wanted, Sophia turned around and stormed out of the office, slamming the door behind her. Leo gave a firm nod to Paul before quickly hurrying after Sophia.

Sophia said to Leo,"You head back first. I want to go to a bar alone."

"I'll come with you!" Leo said worriedly. Since Sophia was a celebrity, it wasn't safe to let her drink outside alone. What was worse, she wasn't thinking clearly at the moment.

"No, don't come along. I just want to be alone for a while."

"Sophia, you're a celebrity. It's very dangerous for you to go to a bar alone!"

Feeling annoyed, Sophia turned to Leo and said impatiently,"It's not the first time that I'm going to a bar on my own. What are you worrying about?"

"I have to come with you and keep you company!" Leo insisted. He was worried about her safety, especially in the state of mind that she was in.

"Okay, fine! As you like! I'll get a VIP room and drink there alone for a while. Just give me some time to relax and calm down. You can come and join me after eight o'clock," Sophia said, compromising.

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