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   Chapter 610 I Will Not Perform In This Movie Anymore

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Alina was very grateful to Linda for giving her the chance to play the lead role.

However, she was a little nervous about how Sophia was going to react.

She knew that she shouldn't worry too much about it since she hadn't actually done anything except accepting the offer that Linda had brought to her.

If Sophia wanted to get back at her because of this, then so be it.

No matter what happened, Alina was going to try her best to face all of it. After all, it was the chance that she had always dreamed of and she didn't want to give it up. Besides, she hadn't coveted Sophia's role or harbored any intentions of substituting for her. Sophia had missed her chance because of her own mistakes.

Realizing this, Alina shook her head and put all those thoughts out of her mind. Then, she opened the script and began reading it intently. In her eyes, the most important part of an actor's job was learning the script by heart.

If the actors couldn't remember the script, they wouldn't be able to bring the character to life.

Meanwhile, Leo went back to Sophia's room after talking to Linda.

Sophia had been planning to get some rest before going to the set this afternoon. She was exhausted from being angry at everyone around her. Besides, even though a few days had passed, she was still tired from the shoot. She wasn't really willing to start working from today, but it seemed that she had no choice.

What upset her the most was that in the end, she had to concede to Linda no matter how unwilling she was to do it. When she heard a knock at the door, she opened the door and was confused to find Leo again. She could tell by his expression that he had bad news.

Without beating around the bush, Leo told Sophia that Linda had already given Alina the lead role.

Upon hearing Leo's words, Sophia immediately lost her temper.

"What? What does Linda think she's doing? We are already in the middle of shooting! Why is she meddling in the movie shoot even though she has nothing to do with it?" she yelled.

"We can't think about all that now. The situation has escalated too much for us to solve it, so we just have to accept it." Leo was very upset. As Sophia continued to yell and complain, he racked his brains for some idea of how to deal with the matter, but he couldn't come up with anything.

After a while, one of the staff members knocked at the door of Sophia's room. When the door opened, the staff member handed the script of the supporting role to Leo and said,"The shooting will begin after three days. Please ask Miss Liu to get familiar with the new script as soon as possible."

Leo took the screenplay with mixed feelings.

Sophia quick

But Linda wasn't swayed after hearing the guard's words. She was kind and easy-going, but she wasn't softhearted. There was no way she would forgive Sophia, who had tested her patience on too many occasions.

This time, Linda intended to teach Sophia a lesson by taking the lead role away from her. If Sophia couldn't learn to be humble and polite and accept the supporting role, she might end up losing everything.

After five minutes, the guard came out of the villa.

"What did Lady Linda say?" Leo asked. When he saw the guard approach them, he immediately thought that Linda had had mercy on Sophia.

"Lady Linda said that Miss Liu should come to the set on time to shoot her scenes after three days."

Leo felt relieved as soon as he heard these words, believing that Linda had forgiven Sophia this time.

"That's great! Thank her for us. We're very grateful for her kindness."

The guard glanced at him in disdain and said,"I haven't finished speaking yet."

"What?" Leo began to feel uneasy.

"Lady Linda said that Miss Liu should arrive at the set on time after three days and should learn the script of the supporting role by heart before shooting. Miss Liu also shouldn't delay the shoot again,"

the guard said firmly.

"Damn it! I won't act in this movie anymore!" Sophia yelled before dragging Leo into the car and driving away from the Mu Clan's villa. She hated Linda more than ever and wasn't willing to spend another second there. In her eyes, Linda didn't have the right to make such an unfair decision. Sophia decided to go straight to the entertainment company to fight for the lead role. She believed that since she was the most popular young actress now, the company wouldn't let Alina, a nobody from nowhere, take the lead role away from her.

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