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   Chapter 609 In Pursuit Of Wealth

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Linda knew that Leo was lying, but she merely smiled politely at him without saying anything more. The silence between them made Leo anxious. If Linda had already noticed him earlier, why hadn't she stopped him to ask about Sophia's condition?

Leo was confused about what Linda's intentions were. He couldn't see through the whole situation now.

The elevator doors opened, breaking the silence. Linda quickly entered with Bun.

Leo hesitated in front of the elevator, not knowing whether he should ask Linda the question or not. But he didn't want to be too straightforward about it.

"My Lady, please hold on..."


However, right when Leo had opened his mouth to speak, Bun had already pressed the button of the ground floor.

The elevator doors would close soon.

Having no time to find the right words, Leo quickly said,"Sophia has already recovered. She can go back to work this afternoon."

Leo actually wanted to know why Linda had visited Alina. He wanted to find out if he had guessed Linda's intentions correctly. However, not being able to ask it in a straightforward manner, he talked about Sophia instead.

"Oh, that's good. Since she has just recovered, please let her rest for a few more days. I've asked the team of directors to resume the filming the day after tomorrow," Linda said, smiling.

"Really? My Lady, thank you for your kindness to Sophia,"

Leo said with a sigh of relief. It seemed that the situation was nothing like he had been afraid it would be. However, a split second later, anxiety struck him again when he heard Linda's words.

"We've decided to hand the role of the female lead to Alina Lu, and we'll start shooting from the very beginning. Please ask Sophia to prepare for her supporting role. I'll have someone bring the new script to her soon," said Linda.

"My Lady..." Leo said, his eyes widening.

The sudden turn shocked Leo so much that he almost lost his voice.

But before he could say anything more, the elevator doors closed. The last thing he saw was a polite smile on Linda's face.

Inside the elevator, Linda stopped smiling. The truth was, she pitied Leo because she knew how much the news of Alina replacing Sophia would sadden him. But she had had to do it because Sophia had really gone overboard this time. If she didn't teach Sophia a lesson now, Sophia would just continue walking over everyone.

When they stepped out of the elevator, Bun said to Linda,"My Lady, judging from Leo's expression, I think that he already guessed your reason for visiting Alina. He must have immediately gone to tell Sophia about it. He probably persuaded her to go back to work as soon as possible, afraid that her role would be taken away!"

Linda nodded her head and said,"Yes. I think Leo ex

th a happy smile.

"Yes, thank you very much," Alina answered politely.

The staff member paused, then lowered his head with a guilty expression on his face and said,"Alina, please forgive us for not helping you on that day. There was nothing we could do."

Of course, Alina understood what he meant to say. He felt sorry that no member of the crew had stood up against Sophia when Sophia had taken advantage of her role to repeatedly slap Alina.

But Alina wasn't angry at anyone. She didn't blame any of them because she was aware of the law of the jungle too; the strong always preyed on the weak. If she had been in any of their positions, she wouldn't have stood up to Sophia either. So with a genuine smile, Alina said,"It doesn't matter. I understand the situation. Anyway, thank you!"

"Alina, please do cherish this golden opportunity. Since the Lady of the Mu Clan has lent you her support, you will get a lot more opportunities in the entertainment industry. To be frank, we didn't actually want to hand the role of the female lead to Sophia, but we had no choice since she's the most popular young actress nowadays. You're not as popular as she is at the moment, so... Well, anyway, please cherish this opportunity and do your best!"

After the staff member left, Alina stared blankly at the copy of the script for a long time. She had been waiting for the chance to be cast as the female lead for so long, but now that she had finally gotten it, a complicated feeling set in her heart. Instead of feeling excited, she gradually felt more composed.

Taking a deep breath, Alina mustered up as much strength and enthusiasm as she could and shifted her full focus to read the script. Time was limited, so she couldn't afford to waste any second now. She had to work harder than ever to seize this chance and make the best of it.

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