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   Chapter 608 What A Coincidence

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 8365

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From the time Sophia had been a trainee till a few days ago, her career had been smooth-sailing. She had almost never had any unpleasant experiences, and the few times that she did, other people had always apologized to her immediately.

But after the humiliating incident that she had experienced a few days ago, no one had apologized to her. Being as arrogant and self-centered as she was, Sophia thought that she was the only one annoyed by the whole thing.

She also thought that since she was a famous star, everyone should respect her no matter what she did. What she didn't know was that due to her haughty and unreasonable behavior, no one actually respected her, but they still had to talk to her amiably since she was such a big star. But one of the only few people that didn't have to quietly go along with everything she did was Linda, and that was exactly who she had clashed head-on with.

The only person who truly cared about Sophia was Leo, and that was because he was in love with her.

Over the past few years, Leo had put a lot of time and energy into working for Sophia. No matter what she did or how unreasonably she behaved, Leo always stayed by her side and tried his best to help her out.

Even now, Leo knew that Sophia truly believed that she wasn't in the wrong, and that was why she was getting herself into so much trouble.

After he saw Linda enter Alina's room, he immediately rushed to Sophia's room. Although he was still furious about the way Sophia had behaved, he didn't want to let her career be ruined so easily.

Sophia was the person he cared the most about in the world and he would always help her no matter what.

When Sophia heard a knock at her door all of a sudden, she immediately guessed that it was Leo. She felt a little pleased. Leo had never been angry at her before, and she didn't know how to apologize to others, so she had been nervous about how to approach Leo when he was angry.

She realized that she'd gone too far this time, so when she heard Leo knock at the door, she quickly ran to open the door and said,"Leo, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have acted that way before, but I was in a really bad mood at that time."

Leo was stunned by Sophia's words. When they had been in a relationship during their university days, Sophia had only apologized to him once for some minor matter. Immediately after graduation, Sophia joined the entertainment company of the Mu's Group as a trainee, and she never said sorry to Leo or anyone after th

ous TV shows. But although she was very popular, she hadn't gotten the chance to star in a movie yet.

This was the first time she was acting in a movie, so she couldn't afford to make any mistakes.

"Okay." Leo nodded and left.

He had to inform the director quickly before Linda made any rash decisions.

After all, he wasn't sure why Linda had come here to talk to Alina. But he could guess Linda's purpose. She probably wanted to offer the lead role of the movie to Alina.

After all, Leo didn't think that Linda would come here just to comfort Alina in person since she had already helped Alina punish Sophia before. He was sure that Linda didn't have the time to do such things for people she wasn't on familiar terms with. If Alina had already been on familiar terms with Linda, Linda wouldn't have let Sophia hit her in the first place. And Linda wouldn't have let Alina act in supporting roles till now.

While Leo was waiting anxiously in front of the elevator, he saw Linda walk around the corner.

Seeing Leo, Linda smiled and greeted,"Leo."

"Hello, Lady Linda. What a coincidence! What brings you here?" Leo asked carefully.

"I don't think it's a coincidence. You saw me just now, didn't you?"

When Linda had been about to enter Alina's room earlier, she had seen Leo walking in the distance out of the corner of her eye.

So, she had guessed that Leo would have also seen her.

Linda immediately brought up the fact that they had both noticed each other earlier because she had the upper hand in this matter.

After he heard Linda, Leo felt a bit embarrassed and said,"Well, I guess I did. I wasn't sure if it was really you."

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