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   Chapter 607 Cast Another Actress

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Upon bringing up this topic, Linda could sense a bit of anger and embarrassment from Adrian. She had liberal views about sexual orientation and had never thought that being homosexual was a problem, but since Adrian didn't seem comfortable talking about it, she immediately changed tracks and cut straight to the point.

"All right. Anyway, Adrian, I have something important to discuss with you. The contract you signed with our company for this movie is only for a period of one and a half months, right? Do you still have free time after this schedule? I want to renew your contract for one more month," said Linda.

"Why do you suddenly want to do that?" Adrian asked curiously as he shifted his gaze to her.

"I think you know about the whole fuss with Sophia Liu. She's refusing to come back to work to protest what I did to her a few days ago, and her irresponsible behavior is wasting the time and effort of the whole team. If she carries on with her strike, we definitely won't be able to finish shooting on schedule. So, I've decided to cast another actress for the role of the female lead and re-shoot everything," Linda explained.

"Cast another actress? But if you really go ahead with that, it will cause a huge loss to your company. You'll have to increase your budget a lot," Adrian said with a thin smile.

"The budget is not a problem, so please tell me whether you have the time or not," Linda asked eagerly.

She knew that a popular star like Adrian must have a very tight schedule, so finding out if he was free was her first concern.

"If you call me 'Daddy', I'll spare more time for your company," Adrian teased, his lips curling into a mischievous smile.

Hearing his naughty request, Linda lightly knocked his head and chided,"You bad boy! How dare you ask for something like that?"

"Forget it. I was just kidding. I have time. It's just one more month. No big deal!" Adrian said in a casual voice.

Linda heaved a sigh of relief. She was happy that the matter of Adrian extending his contract was settled. The next step was to ask Alina Lu to take Sophia's place. Linda knew it would be an easy task to persuade Alina to take the role of the female lead, because it would be a very good opportunity for her to make a breakthrough in her career. Linda wanted to give her a chance because she knew that Alina was a good actress. In fact, it was possible that Alina would do a better job than Sophia did.

A crisis was sometimes a turn for the better. Although there was the risk of losing money, there was a good chance that Alina was a dark horse who would rise to prominence because of this movie. If her acting really turned out as good as Linda hoped it would and she managed to garner good reviews, the movie would pique the curiosity of the audience and its box office collection

le lead, we can start shooting the movie again from scratch. I've already renewed the contract with Adrian, so I need a straight answer from you. Will you accept this offer?" Linda asked.

"Of course I will!" Alina replied firmly. This was the opportunity that she had been waiting for so long.

She had never expected that she would get the chance to act as the female lead of a movie, let alone in a high-budget movie produced by the Mu's Group.

"It's settled then. Adapt to the role and get ready to take on this challenge. I'll have someone bring the revised script to you as soon as possible. Please read over them in the next three days. We'll start shooting again after three days. Okay?"

"Okay, no problem. But what about Sophia?" Alina asked with curiosity.

Linda said,"Sophia can either choose to play the female supporting role or quit this project. There are so many other beautiful and talented artists in the entertainment industry who are good at singing and acting. She's not the only choice in the industry."

Alina immediately understood what Linda was implying.

If Sophia refused to play the female supporting role, she might be banished from the entertainment industry by the Mu's Group!

Linda went on to chat with Alina for a short while before leaving the hotel.

Now that she had settled the two most important matters, Linda asked the directors to handle the details. It wasn't her job to worry about other things. She could relax and wait till the shoot started three days later.

Linda had given Sophia a chance to change for the better, but instead of taking it, Sophia had dug her own grave.

Linda didn't think that it was wrong for Sophia to fall in love with anyone, including Charles. But if Sophia was devious and dirty in her efforts to get anything or anyone she loved, that was something that Linda couldn't stand or forgive.

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