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   Chapter 606 I Don't Know How To Answer You

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If Sophia had just taken one or two days off because she was really sick, the whole cast and crew would accept it without saying a word. Everyone might fall sick now and then, and besides, Sophia was so famous that they wouldn't hold it against her.

However, four days had passed but Sophia still hadn't shown up, so the director was very restless, not knowing whether Sophia was going to continue acting in the movie or not.

"Please wait for just a while longer. She really isn't feeling well. I'll tell you if she's going to continue being a part of this movie or not within the next two days, okay?" Leo said. He had had enough of Sophia's childish tantrums too. He intended to ask her one last time this evening about whether she wanted to star in the movie or not.

If she really wanted to quit the project, he wasn't going to stand in her way.

Sophia would have to undertake a great amount of compensation to the Mu's Group if she backed out of the project now, but there was nothing Leo could do about it now, given the circumstances.

"Yes, please ask her to give me a straight answer soon. I think what happened the other day it's just a petty matter, and she shouldn't bother herself with it. So tell her not to be so unhappy about it and just come back to work soon," the director said. Although Leo kept insisting that Sophia was sick, the director knew the real reason Sophia hadn't shown up to the set for the past few days, as did everyone else on set.

Leo understood the director's perspective but he knew that in Sophia's eyes, what happened hadn't been just a petty matter. But it would be almost impossible for him to convince her otherwise when she was so stubborn and angry all the time.

"Okay, I'll try," Leo said, immediately nodding. Then, he headed back to the hotel.

In the Mu Clan's villa

Linda had just nursed Little Potato and Little Tomato and put them to sleep.

It was already ten o'clock in the evening and Linda was feeling exhausted after taking care of her babies. Raising one baby was already an exhausting job, but she had to raise two.

After Linda and Charles took a shower and settled into bed, Charles held Linda in his arms and said,"Honey, I have to go out of town to deal with something for the next two days." Charles didn't want to leave Linda alone but it was something that he couldn't avoid. These days, he tried his best to spend a lot of time keeping Linda

, so there was no one to announce Linda's arrival to him. Adrian was so taken aback when he saw Linda there that he dropped his phone.

"Why did you come here without making a sound? Did you want to scare me to death?" he asked, patting his chest and trying to calm down. He had been happily playing the game until he had suddenly raised his head and seen a woman.

Luckily, Linda was a beautiful woman and he was already familiar with her, so she hadn't startled him too much. If it had been another woman, he would have definitely freaked out.

"I didn't mean to scare you. Are you watching gay porn now?" Linda said jokingly.

Adrian felt nervous as soon as she mentioned it. He had thought that she would just pretend like she didn't know anything about his secret. He had never expected her to joke about it so openly.

He also blushed after noticing that Bun was standing next to Linda.

He stood up and flicked the dust off his clothes before plopping back down onto his seat unhappily. "I don't know how to answer you. I don't want to talk to you if you're going to keep bringing that up. Can you please pretend like you never saw what you did that day? Just forget about it."

Seeing Adrian's anxious expression, Bun immediately held up her hand like she was making a promise and said with a smile,"I've no idea what you're talking about. Please don't worry. Even if I did know something, I swear that I wouldn't tell anyone. Although I'm not gay, I support homosexuality."

Bun's words made Adrian feel even more embarrassed, so he turned his face away from Linda and Bun without saying anything.

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