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   Chapter 605 Sophia Hadn't Shown Up For Four Days

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7743

Updated: 2019-02-18 00:07

Sophia was so furious that she grabbed the quilt and the pillows and threw them onto the floor.

After Leo closed the door of the room behind him, he didn't leave. He stood at the door and listened as Sophia threw things around and called out his name, but he didn't go back inside. He was more disappointed in her than ever, wondering why she had become so stubborn and reckless.

He had tolerated her for a long time but now, he had suddenly realized that he couldn't stand any more of her immature behavior.

He was really tired of seeing her be so unreasonable.

And it wasn't easy for him to like Sophia and keep her company all the time either.

Over the past few years, he had made many sacrifices in order to stay by Sophia's side.

Thinking about it now, he didn't understand why he had been willing to waste his time and affection on Sophia. He sighed dejectedly.

Then, noticing that the noise inside Sophia's room had stopped, he headed for his own room. He didn't want to try and persuade Sophia again. She seemed to be beyond listening to any voice of reason. He wondered if he should quit his job instead, because he only took this job for Sophia, and it was starting to feel like he wasn't suitable for the job of being a star's manager after all.

After managing to calm himself down in his room, Leo went to the set of the movie. It had been four days since Sophia had last shown up on the set, so Leo had to go there to give the crew a proper explanation for Sophia's absence.

On the set of the movie, Adrian was leisurely sitting inside his vanity van with his legs crossed. Since he had no work to do on set as long as Sophia wasn't there, he had been enjoying playing games on his mobile the past few days. He was glad that Sophia was being so stubborn. After all, he had nothing to lose whether they filmed this movie or not.

Besides, he really didn't want to see Sophia, let alone act with her in the movie. She was a ridiculous woman who not only wanted to be a mistress but also announced it to the whole world on TV.

While Adrian was intently playing the game, his manager came over to him and said,"Adrian, Alina is here. She says she wants to talk to you."

"Alina? Why does she want to talk to me? Ask her to come in."

Adrian had a good impression of Alina, but t


Knowing that Leo was Sophia's manager, Alina opened her mouth to speak, but Leo beat her to it.

"I'm so sorry, Miss Lu. I apologize to you on behalf of Sophia. She is stubborn and has a quick temper, and she treated you so badly just because she had an unpleasant experience that morning. Please don't take her actions to heart. I hope you can forgive her this time."

Alina had wanted to apologize to Sophia, but she hadn't expected that Leo would say such words to her.

"Well, it doesn't matter. Is she feeling better now?" Alina asked.

Leo forced a smile and said,"She's better."

"That's good. Please tell her I'm sorry. That incident happened because of me. Please tell her not to be angry anymore. I want to apologize to her. I hope that she will come back to take part in the shooting."

"It doesn't matter, Miss Lu. This matter isn't related to you, so please don't think too much about it."

Leo didn't know how to react to Alina's words, and he didn't want to tell her that Sophia wanted an apology from her. Sophia might be rude to people all the time, but Leo wasn't willing to say such impolite words to Alina.

Alina was about to reply when the director came over to them.

"Leo, what has happened to Sophia? Does Sophia still want to be a part of the movie? The whole film crew has been waiting for her for four whole days. We can't just sit here without doing any work," the director said restlessly. He didn't know what to do since the actress playing the leading role hadn't shown up for four days.

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