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   Chapter 604 Disappointed

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However, no matter what Sophia did to attract Charles's attention, her efforts always seemed to be in vain.

As per Linda's instruction, Paul called Anna and asked her to check on Sophia. Anna was extremely excited about this mission because she disliked Sophia very much too.

Since this was a great chance to catch Sophia in a lie, Anna instantly put aside her work and went over to the hotel.

Linda didn't want to see Sophia again, so instead of accompanying Anna, she asked Bun to escort Anna to the hotel.

A few hours later, Bun and Anna came back to the villa looking disappointed.

"My Lady, Sophia didn't let us in," Anna reported.

Linda wasn't surprised to hear the result of their visit, because she had already guessed that Sophia was just pretending to be sick. Anna was a professional doctor, so if Sophia had indeed fallen sick, she should have let Anna check her condition and help her recover soon. But since Sophia wasn't willing to see Anna, it could only mean that she was lying about being sick.

"What happened when you went to see her?" Linda asked Anna.

"Leo, her manager, said that Sophia had already seen a doctor and fallen asleep. He said that there was no need for me to see her anymore," Anna said.

Linda sighed and shrugged her shoulders after hearing the report. She pitied Leo, since she knew that he was probably having a tough time trying to persuade Sophia while simultaneously having to keep up pretenses in front of everyone else. Linda could see from everything Leo did for Sophia that he was deeply in love with her, but it seemed that they had a complicated relationship.

Linda had once asked Paul to investigate the relationship between Leo and Sophia before.

According to Paul's report, they had studied in the same university and been in a relationship then.

But even though they had broken up soon after, Leo had continued to stay by Sophia's side. Even now, he seemed to still love Sophia very much.

He had spent so much of his time on Sophia, the woman who might never belong to him. Even though he must feel heartbroken about it, he still stayed by her side and protected her. Just thinking about it made Linda's sympathy for him rise.

Leo was one of the few men in the world who loved only one woman so faithfully for his entire life.

And maybe that was exactly why he was able to tolerate all of Sophia's bad habits and behaviors. No one else would be able to bear staying by her side for even a short while. Linda was a very tolerant woman and even she found it almost impossible to put up with Sophia's wayward and pretentious personality. In fact, Linda always felt a strong desire to slap Sophia for everything she did.

"Fine, leave her alone. Just let her continue to do what she wants to do. She's just wasting her time," Linda replied to Anna.

She would just wait for the best timing and teach Sophia a lesson.

Three days later, there was news from the film set that Sophia's illness had become more sever

han usual. Although he loved her very much, he was running out of patience.

Sophia wasn't showing even a little respect to the efforts of the whole team. All she cared about was herself and her own pride. If she carried on like this, all their work so far would amount to nothing. How could she be so irresponsible?

Sophia got agitated when she sensed the coldness in Leo's voice. Glaring at him, she flung the remote control toward him. The remote control hit Leo squarely on the head as he hadn't budged even a little to dodge it. A sharp pain shot through Leo's forehead, but somehow, it was nothing compared to the pain he felt in his heart.

Seeing the remote control hit Leo's head shocked Sophia very much. She had just thrown it randomly like she always did when her anger erupted, but she hadn't expected Leo to stand there without dodging it.

"Why didn't you dodge it? What's wrong with you?" Sophia asked, confused.

Leo merely stared at her without saying anything, but the look in his eyes was enough to tell her how disappointed he was in her. That was the last straw for Leo. He turned around abruptly, opened the door and left the room without uttering a single word.

Fear gripped Sophia when she saw Leo leaving like this all of a sudden. She began to worry whether she had indeed gone overboard this time. But since she thought of Leo as her closest and most trustworthy friend, this was how she always acted around him.

"Leo, where are you going?" Sophia called after him, instantly sitting up straight.

However, the only response was a heavy slam of the door.


Sophia shouted again, but Leo still didn't come back.

Sophia didn't run after him, because she wasn't used to it. It had always been her walking away and Leo running after her. She scratched her head in frustration as she wondered about what was going through Leo's head. He had never treated her like this before. She had been unhappy enough as it was without Leo adding to her worries.

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