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   Chapter 603 Attract Charles's Attention

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 8178

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"Sophia's backing out of the movie? Why? What happened?" Charles asked without any expression on his face and then continued playing Five in a Row with Linda.

It seemed that he thought the matter was too petty for his full attention.

"Well, something unpleasant happened on the set yesterday," Paul said, glancing at Linda.

Noticing Paul's eyes on her, Linda immediately took the hint and realized that Paul didn't know whether he should tell Charles about the matter or let Linda directly tell Charles about it.

Linda gave Paul a smile and then said to Charles,"Let me tell you about it."

It was only after Linda spoke that Charles remembered that she went to visit the set yesterday.

But before Linda could say anything more, Bun, who was still angry at Sophia for her behavior, said,"Young Master, Sophia went too far this time."

"Why? What did she do? Tell me now. Linda, look. You lose again."

Charles placed another piece on the game board and managed to complete a horizontal row of five successive pieces, so Linda lost.

"Ah! Oh, no!"

Linda screamed, burying her head in her hands. She had lost to Charles in almost every round so far, much to her disappointment. Back when she was a university student, she had been so good at playing Five in a Row that no one was a match for her, but now she was being thoroughly defeated by Charles. She didn't even feel like playing anymore.

"You're not very good at losing, are you?" Charles said gently, amused at the miserable expression on Linda's face.

"Fine. I admit that you're better at this than I am. I don't want to play with you anymore. Bun, tell Charles about what happened yesterday,"

Linda said, shifting to the deck chair nearby and stretching out on it.

"Young Master, Lady Linda and I went to the set of the movie yesterday without any intention of crossing paths with Sophia. But we happened to pass by the place where they were filming a scene with her and Alina, an actress who plays a supporting role in the film. In that scene, the female lead is supposed to slap the other woman on the face. But Sophia had a personal grudge against Alina, so she took that chance to hit Alina many times by asking the director to film the scene over and over again."

Hearing Bun, Charles immediately guessed that Linda had probably punished Sophia for taking advantage of her role to bully Alina, and that Sophia was so angry about being humiliated by

o be so reckless. Paul, what's the situation on the set now? Did Sophia explicitly say that she doesn't want to act in the movie anymore?"

Paul shook his head and said,"No. She said that she's not coming to the set because she's not feeling well and wants to stay in the hotel to get some rest. Since she plays one of the lead roles and most of the scenes involve her in one way or another, the movie can't continue to be filmed if she doesn't show up for the shooting."

"She's going to take some rest?

Why is she suddenly not feeling well today?" Charles asked. There had been a conflict between Linda and Sophia yesterday, and today Sophia claimed she was feeling under the weather. It seemed that she was trying to get back at Linda by delaying the movie shoot.

Linda didn't believe for a second that Sophia was really ill.

"You know what? Since she's not feeling well, you should call Anna and tell her to go to check up on Sophia," Linda said with a smile.

"Is it appropriate to do that? Anna is the exclusive doctor of our private hospital and she isn't responsible for treating outsiders," Charles replied.

"I don't believe that Sophia has really fallen ill. I just want to ask Anna to check if Sophia is lying or not. I don't trust anyone else, and Anna is the most suitable and reliable person to do this."

"Well, okay, honey. It's up to you," Charles nodded and said, seeming indifferent. Even though his company was producing the movie, he couldn't care less about Sophia.

But Linda knew that Sophia was doing all these reckless things just because she wanted to attract Charles's attention.

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