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   Chapter 602 Back Out Of The Film

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 10170

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Alina Lu had apologized to Sophia several times after spilling the milk onto her clothes, but Sophia had still been angry at her.

Then, later in the afternoon, Alina had asked her manager to go and apologize to Sophia again on her behalf. However, Sophia had driven Alina's manager away before he could even reach her car. Leo thought that it was actually Sophia who had brought such an embarrassing situation onto herself.

"Sophia, come on. It's already late. Let's go eat something," Leo said, trying to distract her from this issue.

But Sophia remained silent. There was a cold and heavy aura emanating from her that made it hard for Leo to breathe.

Obviously, Sophia was still very angry at him for just standing aside and letting Linda slap her instead of helping her. But he really hadn't had a choice. There was nothing he could do to stop Lady Linda.

"Sophia, please don't be angry. It's all my fault." After saying that, Leo gritted his teeth and gave himself a heavy slap across his face.

However, the loud slapping sound didn't have any effect on Sophia's emotions. She kept sulking silently without saying anything or budging her body an inch.

"Sophia... Please? Calm down. Don't be angry at me. Let's go and eat something you like, okay?" Leo continued trying to coax her in a hushed voice while cautiously observing the expression on her face.

All of a sudden, tears overflowed out of her eyes and poured down her cheeks. Sophia silently wiped them off.

Seeing her cry made Leo's heart ache. He instantly pulled out a piece of tissue paper and drew close to Sophia to help her wipe off the tears, but Sophia immediately pushed him away.

She had put so much strength into the push that Leo lost his balance and fell out of the car and onto the ground.

His butt landed heavily on the ground and a jolt of pain went up his spine. In spite of that, Sophia's anger hadn't reduced even a little, which made Leo feel very upset.

"Sophia..." Leo tenderly called out to her name again, still trying his best to kill her anger. But, before he could say anything more, Sophia cut in and shouted loudly,"Get out! Go as far away as you can! Don't call my name anymore! Never show up in front of me!" She glared at Leo while pointing her finger outside the car. Then, she slammed the car door.

She was angrier than she had ever been her whole life.

She couldn't believe that Leo hadn't stopped Linda from slapping her earlier.

This had never happened before. Leo always protected her immediately no matter what happened. However, today, he had just stood still and watched as Linda slapped her multiple times on the face.

What on earth had happened to Leo?

"No, Sophia. Please, please. Don't be pissed off. I know it's my mistake," Leo apologized repeatedly. This was the only thing he could do now.

"Your mistake? Why didn't you realize that it was your mistake earlier? Linda Xia slapped me so many times while her pet dog manhandled me, but you just stood there and watched without stopping t

thing. We're already lucky enough that nobody there will blurt out anything to the public because of the company's strict confidentiality agreement. If we expose it to the media ourselves, it will be like we're walking right into a trap. The reporters will definitely investigate why Lady Linda slapped you. And after they find out that she slapped you because she wanted to help Alina, they will investigate why she had to help Alina in the first place."

Sophia went silent while she listened to Leo's words.

Leo continued,"In the end, the reporters will find out that you slapped Alina multiple times just because she accidentally spilled a little milk on your clothes!"

Frustrated by what he said, Sophia went hysterical all of a sudden and yelled,"Leo, you useless man! I can't do this and I can't do that, then what else can I do? You can do nothing to help me seek justice and instead you keep asking me to let it go! If you're so useless, why do I need you? Didn't you say that you will protect me forever? Is this how you protect me?"

Sophia's words really stung this time, so Leo didn't say anything anymore. He just stared at her with a bitter smile tugging at the corners of his lips.

The next day, at the Mu Clan's villa...

Linda and Charles were playing Five in a Row with Go pieces while casually drinking their cups of tea.

Much to Linda's surprise, Charles was not only good at playing Go chess, but also at playing Five in a Row. Linda had only won two rounds out of ten.

And she had a feeling that she had only been able to win those two rounds because Charles had pitied her.

Bun was enjoying watching them play very much because it was fun to see Linda's frustrated face every time she lost a game.

Charles was probably the only person who could always make Linda suffer defeat.

At noon, Paul came back to the villa.

He reported,"My Lady, Young Master, the director on the film set just called and told me that Sophia hasn't come to work yet. She's backing out of the film."

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