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   Chapter 600 Break Your Bones

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Leo merely lowered his head as if he hadn't heard a single word from Sophia. Despite how much he pitied her, there was nothing he could do to help her now.

The Lady of the Mu Clan had slapped Sophia herself!

And the woman next to Lady Linda seemed to be strong and skilled at fighting. What could he possibly do to help Sophia now?

Seeing the cowardly expression on Leo's face pushed Sophia's anger over the edge.

"Leo, damn you! We are not friends anymore!" she yelled.

Leo was flustered when he heard her words, so he hastily strode up to her. Shielding her behind him, Leo said with as much respect as he could muster,"My Lady, it's my fault. I haven't guided my artist well. Sophia didn't mean to offend you. If you're angry with her, please punish me instead."

"Leo, stand aside," Linda demanded, wearing an emotionless expression.

"No, I can't stand aside. I'm her manager. I should bear all the responsibility for anything my artist does. Please don't blame her anymore," Leo insisted, firmly standing in front of Sophia.

His words rendered Linda speechless. Was she blaming Sophia without cause? Didn't he know that Sophia was in the wrong?

Linda shook her head in disapproval. It seemed that Sophia's rash temper and arrogant behavior could be partly attributed to Leo, who must have been indulging her too much.

Earlier, it had been obvious that Leo wanted Linda to teach Sophia a lesson as well, so that Sophia would behave better from now on. However, as soon as he'd heard Sophia say that she would break her friendship with him, Leo had instantly changed his attitude and sided with Sophia again.

The only explanation was that Leo was deeply in love with Sophia. Linda shook her head again and sighed.

"Well, fine. Leo, I'll let her go today for your sake. But the next time I see something like this happen, I won't be merely slapping her. I'll definitely give her a heavy punishment instead!"

"Yes, My Lady. Thank you. I'll pay more attention to her attitude and guide her well. I deeply apologize for her behavior this time," Leo said hastily, grateful that Linda was letting Sophia off this time.

However, hearing Leo's apology to Linda, Sophia became angrier and yelled,"Leo, are you insane? Why are you apologizing to her? What wrong have I done? Don't you know how much I hate her? How can you apologize to this woman?!"

"Sophia, stop it! Behave well. Go! Go back to your car and have a break first. You're probably tired,"

Leo said, trying to persuade Sophia.

Since Linda had instructed her to let go of Sophia, Bun loosened her grip on Sophia and pushed her back to Leo.

Bun didn't like Sophia at all. This woman always did something or the other to try and snatch Young Master away from Lady Linda.

How shameless could she be?

Although Sophia had an attractive and seductive appearance, she was not the type that Charles would fall in love with. Moreove

s ago? What was he trying to achieve by acting this way?

"What? You're Linda, right? Why aren't you saying anything? Don't you remember me? I saved your life!" Adrian said when Linda didn't respond.

"Of course I remember you. But just moments ago, it seemed that you didn't want to talk to me. Right?" Linda said, rolling her eyes at him.

"No, you've misunderstood. I was just playing a game on my phone. I was battling the last big boss of the game, so I didn't have the time to greet you. If I hadn't won that battle, I would have had to restart the game and it would have taken me one more hour to reach that level again. But as you know, I'm very busy without another hour to spare, so I really wanted to win the game," Adrian explained.

Despite his explanation, Linda still felt quite angry.

She had thought of Adrian as her younger brother from the moment they had met.

She had a younger sister, but she'd never had a brother. But for some reason, when Linda had met Adrian in the hotel room, she'd felt the same way about him that she did about Cindy. It felt like he was her long lost little brother.

As there was no response from Linda after his explanation, Adrian went on to say,"Linda? What? Are you still angry? I already explained everything. I just didn't have the time to greet you just now. Do you care about me that much?"

He had barely finished his words when Bun knocked him on the head again.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing?!" Adrian stepped backward and stared at Bun in fear. What a horrible woman! Why was she being so violent?

"I'm warning you. Don't try to flirt with Lady Linda. If you say words like 'miss me' or 'care about me' again, I'll definitely break your bones!" Bun threatened him.

"You would dare to do that? I'll report you to the police!" Adrian snapped back.

Bun smirked and said,"Oh, you'll report me? Please go ahead. Let's see whether the police will arrest me or not."

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