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   Chapter 599 Sophia Yelled In Fury

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"My Lady, you are here!" Leo said courteously, walking up to Linda at once. After all, Linda was Charles's wife, and Charles was his boss.

Sophia gave him a shove and said angrily,"Why are you talking to her with so much respect?"

"Don't be silly, Sophia! This is the Lady of the Mu clan. We should greet her politely."

Linda smiled as she watched them bicker. She had developed a deep distaste for Sophia. It seemed that Sophia wasn't right in the head.

How dumb did she have to be to openly show her hatred for someone?

She was either stupid or too full of herself. "Why are you here?" Sophia snorted and asked haughtily. "You're not welcome here. Can't you see we're busy filming?"

Bun was enraged by Sophia's words. Sophia didn't seem to have any manners at all. "Mind your words!" Bun snapped. "Do you need a spanking to learn how to talk?"

"Oh? And why is it that I'm not welcome here? Do I need to get your approval before coming to the set?" Linda asked, the corner of her lips rising impassively. What an arrogant woman Sophia was!

"You do not need my approval to come here, but My Lady, don't you realize that we may be interrupted by your casual visit? Or do you think that as the Lady of the Mu clan, you can do anything you want?"

Sophia said, stressing the words 'the Lady of the Mu clan' on purpose.

"What do you mean? All I did was stand aside and watch. How did I interrupt you?" Linda replied before turning to take a look at Alina.

Alina's face was still red and swollen, and it was getting worse by the second.

"Does it hurt?" Linda asked.

Alina nodded at first, but then she suddenly stopped and shook her head, probably in fear of what Sophia would do to her later.

"What does it matter? My Lady, are you going to stick up for her? Her acting in the scene wasn't passable, so of course we have to keep re-shooting it until we get it right. It's her own fault that she's in pain."

Alina opened her mouth to refute Sophia, but then, thinking better of it, she closed it again. Looking at Al

of the whole cast and crew. Yes Alina wasn't as popular as Sophia was, but that was not the reason Sophia could bully her without bearing consequences. Linda couldn't stand aside and let her continue with such behavior.

Anyone who was as stubborn and ungrateful as Sophia would definitely pay for it someday.

There would always be someone out there that they wouldn't be able to outdo who would teach them a lesson. In this case, Sophia couldn't outdo Linda, who had a higher stature and had the means to teach Sophia a lesson.

Leo tried to pull Bun off Sophia but Bun pushed him away.

Then, he stayed still, deciding that maybe it was good for Sophia to suffer a little bit.

After all, it was better for her to suffer a little now than suffer a lot in the future for her willful behavior.

Sophia was just getting slapped repeatedly across the face now, but if she kept on with her behavior, she might even be murdered by someone with a grudge against her in the future. Better an open enemy than a false friend.

"You seem to be very upset," Linda said to Sophia, staring at her and patting her face.

Being restrained by Bun, Sophia couldn't move at all. She could only glare at Linda in fury.

Oddly enough, none of the people who were watching came to her aid!

"Leo, are you blind? Didn't you see me getting slapped?!" Sophia yelled.

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