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   Chapter 598 Sophia's Acting Skills

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The actress who was slapped by Sophia looked visibly upset as she fought back the tears that were threatening to spill from her eyes.

"Okay, one last time. Don't make any more mistakes. Sophia, you should control your emotions!"

the director reminded carefully, not daring to say anything that might displease Sophia. After all, Sophia was the most famous actress in the entertainment company of the Mu's Group, so he didn't dare offend her.

In his many years of working as a director, he had witnessed several incidents like this. He knew that Sophia was hitting Alina Lu harder than required probably because she had a grudge against Alina who was a B-list actress and also had a role in the same movie as she did.

Linda stopped walking away from the set and quickly shifted to a place where she could watch the scene clearly without the crew or the actors noticing her.

As she watched, the director decided to continue.

Once he announced that they were going to do the next take, everyone got ready, and Sophia and Alina Lu started to get into character.

With her mouth twisting into a wicked smile, Sophia stared at Alina Lu before slapping her across the face and shouting,"How dare you steal my man?"

This time, she hit Alina Lu so hard that Alina's face immediately swelled up.

Feeling sorry for Alina Lu, Bun said,"Why is Sophia being so cruel? They're just shooting a movie, but she hit that actress so hard that I can see her face red and swollen from here."

Linda decided that this time, she had no choice but to meddle in this matter since Sophia had gone too far. She had actually been trying to avoid Sophia precisely because of this sort of arrogant behavior, but now that she had witnessed the height of Sophia's arrogance with her own eyes, she couldn't just stand by and ignore it.

"Bun, are you angry about what you saw?" Linda asked, pointing at Sophia.

"Of course I'm angry, and even disgusted. She's just playing a role in a movie. How hard can it be? Clearly she's taking advantage of the shooting and hitting the other actress for personal grudges."

Linda guessed that Sophia hated the actress who was starring opposite her.

Or more precisely, that actress might have done something to offend Sophia, and Sophia was seizing this chance to get back at her. Linda had slapped Sarah Shen the same way before, but that was after all the atrocities Sarah had done to her friends and family, including ruining Bun's family and kidnapping Linda's b

also comforted herself with the thought that she was just getting slapped by Sophia. It wasn't like she was dying, so she had to be brave and try not to cry. Besides, everyone was watching what Sophia was doing and they could definitely judge who was in the wrong.

It was just that since Alina Lu was a B-list actress and Sophia was the leading character, no one dared to speak up for her because she had less to lose. Alina Lu believed that if she brought up this matter after becoming popular, Sophia would certainly be in a lot of trouble. Alina would never let her off then.

But just as Sophia raised her hand to slap Alina Lu, Linda arrived at the set and said to the director,"Please stop for a minute."

The director turned toward the source of the voice and immediately recognized Linda.

He had only seen her on TV once, but he could still remember her face.

Moreover, Paul had informed him that Linda would be coming to the set today to have a look and that he had to treat her well.

"My Lady, you're here," the director said, greeting Linda with great respect.

Linda nodded with a smile. Then, she said to the director,"I've been watching the shooting of this scene for a while. I suggest that you take a break now. I noticed that this actress doesn't seem to be fine. It might not be a good idea to continue shooting the movie."

The director immediately nodded and said,"You're right. We should take a break first."

Sophia was furious the moment she saw Linda.

"Oh, what a pleasant surprise! What brings the Lady of the Mu Clan here today?"

"I was bored at home, so I came here to appreciate your remarkable acting skills!"

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