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   Chapter 597 On The Film Set

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 9511

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Linda had always understood Charles's love for her. Although he was a man of few words, he had always honestly told her how much he loved her without restraining any of his feelings. So naturally, she trusted that he loved her wholeheartedly.

She had an interest in the different personalities of the 12 Zodiac Signs, and from what she knew, a man who was a Scorpio would be extremely faithful to his partner.

He would wholeheartedly love the person whom he had chosen for his entire life. Charles was a Scorpio, and he indeed loved Linda very much.

Staring into Charles's eyes, Linda smiled and whispered,"I will never have any ambiguous relationship with Adrian Wang, because he actually likes men! But honey, please just keep this to yourself. Don't tell anyone else. It's a secret between us."

Linda knew Charles's character well. He wasn't a gossip-monger who enjoyed talking about other people's business. But still, she couldn't help asking him to keep it a secret, since it was a matter of Adrian's privacy. Moreover, if the media found out about it, it would be a piece of sensational news that shocked everyone. After all, Adrian had always been involved in some rumor or the other with female celebrities. He also had a lot of young female fans since he had acted as the hero in many different soap operas.

If the fact that he was gay came out, it would definitely break a lot of girls' hearts.

Hearing Linda's words, Charles grinned widely and said,"Honey, do you take me for a gossip-monger? I don't even have a tiny interest in other people's business."

But of course, he was also a little shocked to hear that Adrian was gay.

No wonder the paparazzi had never managed to photograph Adrian spending time with a woman, either in private or public, even though the media always reported rumors of him being involved with female celebrities.

It turned out that Adrian wasn't interested in women at all!

Patting tenderly on Charles's chest, Linda laughed and said,"Of course I know you're not interested in gossip. You're the most upright man that ever existed."

Charles pulled Linda close to him and spanked her butt gently, saying,"You naughty girl. How did you find out that he's gay?"

"You remember the day I was taken away by Sarah's men in exchange for Little Tomato and Little Potato? They took me to a presidential suite and locked me inside it. I managed to take off my handcuffs and climb across the balcony to the adjacent suite. When I entered that suite, I happened to see Adrian watching a gay porn..."

Now that Charles understood the whole situation and knew for sure that Adrian was gay, he felt much more relieved and finally agreed to let Linda go and have fun on the film set.

Ever since the kidnapping incident, Linda had barely had a chance to step outside the villa, so she felt

cessary now," Linda said and sighed.

Did Adrian think that Linda was deliberately seeking his attention? Anyway, Linda wasn't a teenage girl and she had no interest in stalking a handsome actor like crazy groupies. If Adrian didn't want to talk to her, then she would leave him alone.

"I never expected that he would be such an arrogant man!" Bun said angrily.

Linda merely smiled. She didn't mind his behavior that much, especially since she was already familiar with his personality from their previous encounter at the hotel room.

"It's okay. Let's go to another set," Linda said.

She followed the signs directing toward Set B. However, as luck would have it, she saw the exact person that she had wanted to avoid.

In a set on the way to Set B, a scene was being filmed with Sophia and another actress.

Linda immediately changed her route, trying to stay away from Sophia. Of course, she didn't do it because she was scared of Sophia, but because she didn't want to have any conflict with her today and ruin the whole trip as well as the shooting.

She had just come here to see how a movie was made, simply wanting to satisfy her curiosity and have a little fun at the same time.

However, right when she turned around to walk in another direction, she heard Sophia's voice behind her. "How dare you try to steal my man away!" Then, the sound of a heavy slap followed.

Linda turned around and saw Sophia slap across the face of the other actress.

After slapping the actress's face, Sophia suddenly bent down and burst into laughter before saying,"Oh, I'm sorry, dear director. I couldn't control my laughter just now. Please shoot it again."

The director's face darkened. He didn't understand what was wrong with Sophia. They had already tried shooting this scene several times, and Sophia had requested it to be shot again with a different excuse each time.

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