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   Chapter 595 A Strong Smell of Spices

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 10994

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Charles thought it was a great idea. Linda had been safe under Bun's protection, and if Brian stayed in the villa too and protected Linda round the clock, Linda's security would be ensured even more.

Linda thought it was a good idea too, but being protected by so many people made her feel helpless. Sometimes, she felt suffocated by how overprotective Charles was over her. However, she understood his worries. Ever since she had gotten married to him, she had met all kinds of dangers, and some of those had been beyond her capacity to navigate.

Yes, she was smart and had the ability to protect herself in some situations, like the time she had been kidnapped in exchange for her two kids, for example. She had managed to find out a solution on her own and escape. But if someone pointed a pistol at her or fought her directly, she wouldn't be able to protect herself in such situations.

Or even worse, if next time, a group of people broke into the villa and kidnapped her kids again, she absolutely wouldn't be able to fight them off alone. She was mentally capable, but she had little to no physical combat skills.

So even though Linda felt trapped and helpless, she had no choice. She had to be surrounded by many bodyguards until all the dangers were exterminated, and maybe even after that, since the Mu Clan, being such a powerful family, always had one enemy or another. Besides, being surrounded by people she trusted such as Bun and Brian was better than being guarded by strangers.

So Brian moving into the Mu Clan's villa was a win-win situation for everyone. Bun was the most excited out of everyone, because Brian moving in meant that she would be around her two favorite people in the world - Brian and Linda - all the time.

After dinner, Charles didn't go back to the office for work but instead asked Paul to come and report the progress of the company's projects.

"Young Master, the shooting for the film 'Vengeful Girl with Her CEO' has begun," Paul reported.

Charles nodded. 'Vengeful Girl with Her CEO' was the first film project of the entertainment company owned by the Mu's Group.

The company had gone through months of discussion and preparation before finally picking this modern love story out of all the scripts. Trends came and went, but romance movies were evergreen.

"Since Sophia Liu has already been cast as the heroine of the film, I'll give her one last chance. I don't want to waste time in trying to choose another actress to replace her. But if she stirs up trouble one more time, that's it, I'll kick her out of this project and make sure she never gets another one!" Charles said, fixing his eyes on the cast list.

"Yes, Young Master," Paul said.

Then, Charles shifted his eyes to the name of the actor cast as the hero: Adrian Wang. Charles was both surprised and glad that Adrian had accepted this role. During the preliminary stage of selecting the actors and actresses of this film, Paul had brought up Adrian's name as a possible candidate and Charles had immediately agreed. Adrian stood out to him out of all the actors because he had saved Linda when she had been kidnapped. Since Charles was grateful to Adrian, he thought that casting Adrian in the first film released under his company would be a fitting r

weary and apologetic look on her face.

Squinting at Sophia, Adrian raised his eyebrows and said sarcastically,"You weren't feeling well? Then why did you go to Spicy Hot Pot? I can smell it on your clothes. You went there to see a doctor?"

Without waiting for a response from Sophia, Adrian turned around and walked away, leaving Sophia standing there speechless.

After walking forward a few steps, Adrian suddenly turned his head around and yelled at Sophia in an impatient voice,"Don't just stand there like a statue. Get a move on. Let's begin the shooting and finish our work as soon as possible. I still have some other work tonight!"

He felt so annoyed. He had thought that he could play games for two more hours after work.

However, since Sophia had arrived so late, he didn't know when their work would be finished today.

It was normal for popular stars to have such tight schedules. They had to finish the work that was scheduled for them every day. No matter how long it took, they wouldn't be able to go home until they finished the part of the script that they were supposed to shoot that day.

The entertainment industry was very cruel and tough. Although on the surface, it seemed the celebrities were living in a bright and glamorous world, they actually had to work very hard.

And if you were unlucky enough to have to work with someone who was irresponsible, it would make the work even more difficult.

Sophia was embarrassed and angry that Adrian had yelled at her in front of so many people on the set. How disrespectful! She was a superstar too but she had personally apologized to him and told him that she was sick. However, he had responded so arrogantly and even implied that she was lying!

Moreover, Sophia had been expecting to get along with him like friends even though they weren't close to each other, because they had already worked together before.

However, Adrian had never considered Sophia as an acquaintance, let alone a friend. The only reason he had taken part in those variety shows on TV with her and had even been involved in a rumor with her was because of the speculation arranged by his company to boost his popularity.

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