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   Chapter 593 Please Help Me

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Although Sarah had once mentioned that Bun would never get pregnant, Linda hadn't understood what she'd been talking about at that time. She had tried to ask Sarah about it but Sarah hadn't given her a straight answer. Remembering it now, Linda felt terrible.

She wondered what Sarah had done to Bun exactly.

"Bun, don't go into that room anymore. After Charles and Paul come back home today, I'll ask Paul to arrange another room for you. We should check your room carefully to figure out if there is any poisonous substance in it. Anna was right, fluorine is very harmful to our bodies. It's lucky that Anna discovered what was wrong with you now and that you can be easily nursed back to health. If you had waited longer to get the check-up done, your body might not have been able to recover from the high level of fluorine. You might even have gotten cancer."

Bun was taken aback at Linda's words. She was really afraid of getting cancer.

But Linda wasn't just exaggerating facts to frighten Bun. She had indeed learned from some news that many people had gotten cancer after being exposed to a carcinogenic substance like fluorine. Nowadays, with the growing pace of scientific developments, the standard of living of people was higher and most of the products being sold only came onto the market after thorough research was done to ensure that they weren't harmful to health. But some products, such as waterproof clothes, might still contain fluorine, which would affect people's health. Besides, some dishonest manufacturers made products with excessive amounts of chemicals that could cause cancer.

"My Lady, don't scare me by saying such horrifying things," Bun said, looking distressed.

Seeing the expression on Bun's face, Linda burst into laughter. In a bid to comfort Bun, she said,"Don't worry; you won't get cancer. You should move to another room first and let Paul get people to check your room to see if there's something wrong with it. Since your blood contains a high level of fluorine, you probably inhaled it in your room without knowing."

At about 3 o'clock in the afternoon, Paul and Charles returned.

When Linda told Charles about Bun's check-up and what Anna had said, Charles immediately asked Paul to arrange another room for Bun.

Once Paul prepared a new room for her, he hired a professional to check her old room. According to the report, the air inside the room contained fluorine.

However, they didn't know

something was wrong, and that was why he had asked Anna to do a check-up just in case. He was happy knowing that once Bun was nursed back to health, she would be able to get pregnant and have their children very soon.

As for the part about Sarah having a hand in this, Brian could only sigh in regret.

He knew that this was all his fault. He wished that he had never dated Sarah. Although his relationship with her lasted only a week, Sarah had fallen in love with him because of how attractive he was.

Sarah was a stubborn woman, so she hadn't been willing to give up on Brian even after he had broken up with her.

Out of jealousy as well as an eagerness to get Brian back, she had done a lot of reckless things to Bun. She had even gone so far as to make Bun infertile.

The more Bun thought about Sarah's involvement, the angrier she got. Even when they had dinner in the evening, she was still angry at Brian because of that.

Brian felt upset and guilty, so he kept trying to cheer Bun up during dinner.

In the past, Brian had played around and done a lot of things he regretted now. Until he met Bun, he hadn't had feelings for anyone and had just enjoyed flirting with many beautiful women. At that time, he had been notorious for being a playboy in SH City.

No matter what Brian did now, Bun looked upset and pouted like an angry child who didn't get what she wanted, much to Linda's amusement. Linda stayed silent and ignored Brian as well. At last, Brian felt helpless, so he looked towards Linda, hoping that she would help him cheer Bun up and persuade Bun to forgive him. He whispered,"Linda, please help me!"

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