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   Chapter 592 They Couldn't Ask Questions to A Dead Body

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Updated: 2019-02-11 00:17

After Anna reached the Mu Clan's private hospital with Bun, the first thing she did was to try and use methods of traditional Chinese medicine to run tests on Bun. But after running all the tests, she couldn't find any problems with Bun's body. Since Bun looked pale and unhealthy lately, Anna decided to give Bun a type-B ultrasonic inspection and a blood test as well.

After all the tests were done, Anna carefully read the reports with her brows deeply furrowed.

Bun got worried when she saw the expression on Anna's face, so she asked curiously,"Anna, did you find something wrong in my blood test? Is there any serious problem with my body?"

"Yes, it's something serious! The amount of fluorine element present in your blood is way above the normal threshold. Why is that? Have you used any special products lately?" Anna asked, worriedly shifting her gaze from the report to Bun.

"What do you mean? What special products?" Bun asked, confused.

"Did you touch any insecticide or coating materials lately? Or did you wear any waterproof clothes?" Anna asked.

Perplexed, Bun shook her head. She hadn't touched any of those things recently.

"No. I've been taking care of Lady Linda all the time these days, so I don't think I had the chance to come into contact with any of those things," said Bun in a certain voice.

"That's so strange!" Tapping her fingers on the desk, Anna fell into deep thought. A lot of guesses flew around her head.

It seemed that the excessive amount of fluorine element in Bun's blood had gradually accumulated day by day. The level of fluorine hadn't spiked in just one or two days. Therefore, Anna came to the conclusion that Bun must either have been living in an environment or have been using a product which contained a lot of perfluorochemicals (PFCs).

Exposure to a large amount of perfluorochemicals would cause bad health effects, including destroying a woman's egg cells which would result in infertility. That was why Bun had been unable to conceive until now.

Seeing the thoughtful look in Anna's eyes, Bun asked anxiously,"Anna, please make it clear to me. Have you found out why I can't get pregnant? What's the problem?"

Anna nodded and explained,"Yes, I know the reason now. There's an excessive amount of fluorine element in your blood. Not only does it have a bad impact on your overall health, but it also destroys your egg cells. That's why you haven't been able to conceive a child. It's not incurable at this stage, but the problem is I don't understand how you could have absorbed so much of this chemical."



Then, when she went back to her own bedroom, Bun became more conscious of the pungent smell in the air because of Anna's words. She hadn't noticed it before, but now it seemed that Anna was right; there was indeed a different smell in her bedroom compared to the rest of the villa. Where was it coming from? Bun searched her mind for a possible reason. The only change in this room she could remember now was the wardrobe. A long time ago, a servant had accidentally knocked down and broken the wardrobe while trying to dust the back. Bun's wardrobe had immediately been replaced with a new one after that.

But that had happened such a long time ago that Bun couldn't be sure if the wardrobe was the cause of her deteriorating health.

The next morning, Linda felt much better after having a good sleep. Charles had breakfast with her before heading to his company.

At the dining table, Bun told Linda about the result of her check-up and the possible reason for her infertility. Hearing Bun's words, Linda got worried and chided Bun for not waking her up last night to tell her about it. Since the cause had been discovered, Bun should have shifted out of that room as soon as possible. Every second she stayed there would only bring more harm to her body.

Bun also relayed her own suspicions about Sarah to Linda. The day Sarah had been taken to the police station, she had firmly said that Bun would never be able to give birth to a baby. At the time, Sarah's words had confused everyone. But now that there was indeed a problem with Bun's body, Linda believed that Sarah was the one who had done such a vicious thing to Bun. However, Sarah was already dead and buried. They couldn't ask questions to a dead body.

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