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   Chapter 591 They Wanted To Have A Child

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Linda's face turned red immediately. It seemed that Bun had mistakenly assumed that they were about to have sex. But they were not!

"Bun, you can come back!" shouted Linda at once.

"No! What do you need me for? I don't want to know what you are doing," replied Bun awkwardly.

Linda was amused by Bun's reaction. She and Charles had been just having a conversation while holding each other. Maybe they had been holding each other so tight that Bun had thought they were going to have sex.

"Bun? Didn't you come looking for us? What was that pill you mentioned?" asked Charles gently. Hearing Charles's voice, Bun had no choice but to walk into the room again and reply,"Young Master, Lady Linda took a pill for her fever about six hours ago. I just read the instructions again and realized that these pills should be taken every six hours, so I came here to give her another one."

"Okay, you can put it down here. I'll make sure that she takes it," said Charles, nodding.

"Thank you, Young Master," Bun said before hurriedly walking out of the room.

Blushing, Linda turned to Charles and said,"Thanks to you, Bun must have misunderstood what we were doing!"

Charles felt confused and asked,"What were we doing? We were just holding each other and talking. What's wrong with that?"

"She thought that we were going to have sex in the day time!" said Linda curtly, patting Charles on the forehead. Charles burst out into laughter. He fondled her nose and said in a soft voice,"Stop being so childish. Even if we had been doing what Bun thought we were doing, it's not a big deal."

It amused Charles that Linda was still so shy about showing intimacy with him in front of other people even after she had become a mother.

"I'm not being childish," protested Linda.

"Okay, okay, you should get some rest first!" said Charles shortly. Since Linda wasn't feeling very well, she did what Charles told her to do and lay down on the bed, closing her eyes to get some rest. Charles asked a housemaid to bring him a glass of water so that Linda could take the pill soon.

After a short while, Anna arrived.

Bun was worried about Linda. Normally, a fever would reduce after taking the medicine, but Linda's condition didn't seem to have improved. Bun was afraid that Linda hadn't caught a normal cold but had viral fever. If it were just a normal cold, Linda's condition should have improved somewhat. But if it was a viral fever, simply taking medicine for the fever wouldn't help. So, Bun decided

ed out. "Anna, is Lady Linda okay?" she asked.

"Yes, she's fine. She just has a regular cold. But her body is less resistant now after giving birth to the twins. It will take some time for her to get better. If she has a good rest tonight, she should feel better tomorrow. Please remind her that she should drink a lot of water," replied Anna.

Bun felt relieved when she heard Anna's answer, and she said with a smile,"I'm glad to know that there is nothing serious."

"Yes, stop worrying about Lady Linda. You should take more care of yourself. Brian mentioned a while ago that the two of you want to have a baby. Are you free today? I have free time and I can run some checks on you," said Anna.

"Sure, I'm free today. Thank you, Anna," said Bun.

"Good. I'm heading to the hospital to get Lady Linda some Chinese medicine. Can you come with me to the hospital now? It would be better if we did a general check-up for you there," suggested Anna.

Ever since Brian and Bun had gotten married, they were waiting for a child. They wanted to conceive naturally, but they had already been trying for a long time and Bun still hadn't gotten pregnant. It was starting to worry them. Although Brian always said that they didn't need to rush to have a baby, Bun knew that Brian had always wanted a child.

So, Bun really hoped that she would get pregnant soon. It would fulfill Brian's grandfather's wish and it would make Brian happy. She really wanted to carry a child for Brian, whom she loved so much. Besides, both of them loved children very much. Seeing Linda having the twins had made them feel more certain that they wanted to have children of their own too.

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