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   Chapter 589 Have A Fever

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 9881

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While Leo listened to Paul, a bad feeling rose in his heart. He was afraid that the company was going to give up on developing Sophia's career because of what she had done. Her remarks were sensational mainly because of how popular she was. Leo didn't think that the matter was serious enough for Charles to punish her this way.

So before Paul could finish speaking, Leo cut in and said,"Paul, please don't do that. Sophia didn't mean to offend Mr. Mu. Please give her one more chance."

Paul squinted at him and said in a stern voice,"Sophia indeed crossed the line this time. You know that our Young Master has always hated this kind of gossip, and now Sophia has made a terrible mistake by putting him in the center of it."

"Yes, I know. I'm so sorry. I promise that I'll make sure she won't do something so silly ever again. Please just forgive her this time and give her one more chance. It wasn't easy for her to climb the industry ladder to become an A-list superstar. She devoted a lot of time and effort to it. I really hope that her career won't be ruined just because of this gossip. Please?" Leo begged anxiously.

"Fine. Prepare for the press conference and clarify the gossip to the public," Paul replied curtly.

Then, he gave a few more tasks to Leo, requesting him to take charge of the artists who had been newly hired by the company. Paul hoped that Leo wouldn't just focus on developing Sophia, but would help discover and train new talented artists for the company too. In this way, they wouldn't be putting all their eggs in one basket. After all, Sophia was already proving to be problematic.

The entertainment company owned by the Mu's Group was planning to increase their investment in the TV and film industry in the following year. They had a few TV series and blockbuster films lined up to shoot.

Sophia had been handed the role of the female lead in the company's first high-budget film, while Adrian Wang had been handed the role of the male lead.

Adrian was handsome and one of the popular rising stars. He was gradually building his reputation in the entertainment industry. Moreover, he had saved Linda when she had been kidnapped and kept in a hotel room, so Charles wanted to take this chance to thank him. Charles had asked Paul to invite Adrian to be a part of this film. After some discussion, Adrian's manager had heartily accepted the project.

Anyway, since Adrian had already worked with Sophia once, they would probably get along while shooting this project too. The first project they had worked in together, a romantic TV series, had been a hot topic on the Internet and had become a huge success.

Now, sitting cross-legged in her luxury car, Sophia became more and more furious as she recalled what Charles had said to her moments ago. She had said something inappropriate during the interview, but she only intended to make a joke and create a topic to attract public's attention. Why did C

a Xia. The truth was that she would mind it very much! What she really wanted was to find a way to get Linda away from Charles one day.

But much to her annoyance, she found that the relationship between Charles and Linda was indeed very solid. It was almost impossible to separate them. What on earth had Linda done to Charles? Why did he love her so much?

The car drove steadily along the city road. The weather in January was getting colder and it soon turned dark outside. Sophia looked out of the car window and stared at the dull, cloudy sky. Soon, raindrops began splattering against the car window, making her feel gloomier than she already was. The weather seemed to be as unpredictable as her future. Even though she had planned everything carefully, she still felt worried about how life would turn out for her.

Meanwhile, at the Mu Clan's villa, Linda practiced yoga with Bun in the afternoon.

Before the childbirth, Linda used to work out every single day. But after she had given birth to the babies, she had stopped exercising for a few months. So in order to stay healthy and keep in shape, she picked up yoga.

It was a good way for her to regain her fitness quickly.

However, since she was sweating all over after doing yoga, she caught a chill, which soon turned into a fever. It seemed that her body still hadn't recovered enough after the childbirth.

When Charles came back home, he was shocked to see Linda lying feebly on the bed with her cheeks turning bright red.

"What's wrong? Are you okay?" Charles asked worriedly after handing his coat to Bun.

Bun had taken care of Linda for the whole afternoon. She had tried to take Linda to the hospital, but Linda hadn't been willing to come along. Linda thought that if she went to the hospital for small illnesses like having a cold or a fever, her body would become less resistant to more serious diseases which might attack her in the future. She had to improve her immunity.

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