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   Chapter 588 To Clarify

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 6288

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After Sophia and Leo left the office, Charles closed his eyes and sighed in annoyance.

Sophia was indeed a talented actress with a promising future, but Charles was vexed by how arrogant and headstrong she was. Before, she had stubbornly pursued him even after knowing he was married, and now she had publicly said something outrageous! When Linda found about this, there was no telling what she would do.

"Young Master, how should we deal with this matter? Should we hold a press conference to clarify it?" Paul asked.

But he knew that the more they tried to explain the matter, the more chaotic the situation would become. It would be like a guilty person who gave himself away by constantly protesting.

And not only would they cause more misunderstandings, but it would also look like they were trying to hype up the matter on purpose.

So there was no other way but to let Sophia hold a press conference to explain her words, declaring that she was joking, and say that she hoped that her thoughtless words wouldn't be misunderstood.

Charles was tired of dealing with Sophia, so he said to Paul,"I'll leave it to you! Go talk to Leo about this and ask him to tell Sophia to give it a rest. If she doesn't stop now, I will send her straight from the top of the entertainment industry to hell myself."

"Got it, Young Master!" Paul answered, and then left.

When Paul stepped out of the office, he saw Sophia and Leo standing outside having a conversation.

He greeted Leo and said,"Leo, come with me! We need to talk."

"Sure, let's go," Leo said amiably. Paul and Leo were quite familiar with each other.

But Paul didn't like Sophia at all. She was shameless and always made a mess that other people had to clean up.

Sophia turned to follow Paul and Leo, but Paul frowned and said,"Miss Liu, please stay. I need to talk to Leo in private. Please wait

ing room to talk," Paul replied, shaking his head.

The irony was, Paul was the one who had recruited Sophia years ago when she had interned at the entertainment company. Among the crowd of pretty girls, Paul had liked her the most because she wasn't just a doll with pretty face. Back then, she was also fearless and passionate. Had she just been pretending during the whole casting? She was so different now.

Or, maybe people changed after they became famous. Being a celebrity had made Sophia conceited and greedy.

And she had learned nothing over these years.

Had Paul known back then that Sophia would create trouble for Charles, he would never have hired her. At that time, there had been many other excellent girls who had shown great potential and would have shined in the entertainment industry if they had gotten the chance to enter the circle. But Paul had chosen Sophia over all of them. How could he have known that she would turn out like this?

Once they were inside the privacy of a meeting room, Leo rubbed his hands and asked,"Paul, we're here to talk about Sophia, right?"

"Yes, we are! She has repeatedly made inappropriate remarks in public over and over again. Young Master and Lady Linda can only stand so much..."

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