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   Chapter 587 Being Reckless

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Thanks to the news, many people were beginning to be curious about the relationship between Sophia and Charles. Linda continued reading the news article, which had been published by a well-known official video website, and found that there were over 10, 000 comments on it.

Since Sophia had confessed her love for a married man, so publicly, this matter had attracted a lot of people's attention.

Also, since she was the most famous actress in the entertainment company belonging to the Mu's Group, she was very popular with the public and had plenty of fans who had known the news even before it made the headlines.

"Let her say whatever she likes. I think Charles would have gotten really angry this time. He might not let her off," Linda told Bun.

Linda trusted Charles wholeheartedly. She believed that she was the only one he loved and that he would never cheat on her.

Of course, she was a bit annoyed by this news, but she wasn't that furious about it and decided to pay it no mind. After all, Sophia wouldn't dare do anything reckless in front of her. She knew that Linda would punish her severely.

As far as Linda was concerned, Sophia was just a shameless woman who didn't deserve Charles at all.

Meanwhile, at the office of the entertainment company belonging to the Mu's Group, Charles, Paul, Sophia and Leo, Sophia's agent, were gathered in Charles's office.

Charles was reading the news on his phone with a frown.

Sophia watched him with a sly smile playing on her lips. She was pleased that she had gotten to see Charles again. After what had happened last time during the jewelry auction, Charles hadn't been willing to meet Sophia at all, even when she waited outside his office for him. However, this time, Charles had asked to meet her in the office because of the headlines about the comments she had made in an interview.

Once he finished reading the article, Charles turned off his phone and stayed silent for a while, looking absolutely livid.

Paul also stood silently beside Charles with a solemn expression on his face.

As time slowly went by in absolute silence, seeing how Charles and Paul were reacting was starting to make Sophia and Leo anxious. Leo cast a discreet glance at Sophia, thinking that she had really gotten into trouble this time. He had never expected that Sophia would say such a thing at all in an interview. It might have a negative impact on her image. After all, homewreckers were unwelcome everywhere. Everyone hated mistresses who tried to destroy marriages.

"Mr. M

ou doing? Why did you drag me out?"

"Sophia, do you still want your acting career? I'm afraid you might not have one if you continue to behave like this. If you displease him one more time, he might not let you star in any movie or TV show again. By the time your career is buried, you won't be able to do anything about it."

"I'm not afraid of that. There are only three years left until the contract between me and the Mu's Group expires, so even if Charles tries to bury my acting career, he can't do it for long. Besides, I'm the most famous star in the entertainment company of the Mu's Group. No one else in the company can beat my popularity. There's no way the company will put a stop to my acting career just because of this matter."

But Leo disagreed. Although he didn't know Charles well, he was a sophisticated man with a lot of experience and could guess what kind of person Charles was.

He knew that Charles was already very angry and that if Sophia continued saying such shameless things, Charles wouldn't let her off.

"Listen to me. Don't do such things anymore, got it? I've told you that there are many good men in this world. You don't have to waste your time and affection on one man, especially a married man," Leo said patiently.

"Leo, I think that you're too cautious and you never take any risks. But if you don't have the guts to take risks, you'll never achieve anything. Don't you know that I'm starring in the first big movie that the Mu's Group is producing? I don't think they'll change their lead actress over such a trivial matter. And the Mu's Group doesn't have enough reason to take the risk of changing the actress halfway and bearing the loss."

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