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   Chapter 586 There's Still A Chance

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 9948

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Finally, Paul started off on his long journey to try and win Cindy back. He had taken two weeks off from work, so that was how much time he had at the National Defence University.

Just as Linda had predicted, Cindy refused to see Paul even though he waited for her every single day for two weeks.

But Cindy didn't play with Paul's feelings or break his heart like what she had done to the boy in middle school. Since Cindy hadn't taken revenge, Linda believed that Cindy was still in love with Paul.

When Paul finally stepped into the villa after getting back to SH City, Linda was shocked. Paul's hair was disheveled and his face was unshaven. Weariness had crept into his pale face. Even before he said a word, it was obvious that his journey hadn't gone well.

"My Lady, Young Master, I'm back," he greeted in a tired and upset voice. Charles patted him on his shoulder and said,"Never mind. Cindy is still young. You still have a chance, right?"

Paul nodded listlessly and said,"Since she doesn't want to see me at all now, I'd better let her recover first. If she comes back three years later without a boyfriend, I'll pursue her again. I've decided that I shouldn't disturb her studies and her life at the university now."

If there was a chance that he could be with Cindy in the future, he would never let her go again. He swore to himself that he would cherish her till his last breath.

He wouldn't make the same mistake that he had with Bun. Years ago, when he had still had a chance with Bun, he had been too hesitant in confessing his love to her. He had mistakenly believed that Bun belonged to him forever just because they had loved each other since they were young. However, his hesitant attitude had made him lose Bun's love.

Now, he knew that he had been stupid to think that way.

He hoped that there was still a chance for him with Cindy. He hoped that it wasn't too late for everything.

Linda felt sad after hearing Paul's words too. She pitied both Paul and Cindy. There had to be a reason that Cindy had rushed off to university even though her wounds hadn't healed yet. She would have to stay in the university hospital for at least a month or two before she recovered completely.

Usually, people would ask to be taken care of by their loved ones when they had to be admitted in the hospital for such a long time. However, Cindy had refused to stay here in SH City where she could have had Linda and even Paul look after her until she recovered. Instead, she had insisted on going back to the university.

Linda had a feeling that Cindy had finally realized that three years of separation would be a problem in a relationship.

After this incident, Cindy might have become more composed and given the whole situation some serious thought.

Since she was still young, anything could change in three years. It might be hard for her and Paul to maintain a relationship when they were so far apart from each other. If they seld

picture with Sophia's large bust as its main focus, making her look hot and seductive.

Linda immediately recalled what had happened a few months ago. Sophia seemed to have been crazy in love with Charles. She had even openly told Linda when they had met for the first time that she wanted to be Charles's mistress.

But Linda had never thought of Sophia as a strong rival.

After all, Linda trusted Charles and she was his legal wife, while Sophia was just one of his admirers. Charles was an excellent man, so it was normal for him to have so many admirers. Linda had never paid much attention to this Sophia Liu.

However, as a woman, when Linda read the title of the news article, she still felt a little uncomfortable.

Her frown deepened as she began reading the article. It seemed that on a recent episode of a TV talk show, Sophia had actively started a conversation with the host about her love affairs. She had said that Charles was the only man that she would love forever, and that she would wait for him even if he was married. In fact, if Charles was willing to accept her, she wouldn't mind having to share him with the Lady of the Mu Clan.

When her statements made the headlines, most of the people who worked in the entertainment industry weren't shocked to see it. After all, they all knew what went on behind the curtains. Some of the celebrities with a high status had only one legal wife but they also had many mistresses. Some of these women could even live in harmony with each other for money's sake. Moreover, the people who worked in the entertainment industry thought that Sophia was just trying to attract the public's attention by using a tactic like this.

On the other hand, the majority of the public who were blissfully unaware of what went on behind the curtains in the entertainment industry were shocked to hear Sophia's sensational comments. They wondered how Sophia could want to share a man with another woman without any complain.

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