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   Chapter 585 The Unrequited Love

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 9456

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When Paul said he wanted to go to National Defence University to see Cindy, Charles frowned. He wasn't sure about what to do because right before Cindy left, she had told Charles and Linda that she never wanted to see Paul again. If Paul went to National Defence University now to look for her, she might not be willing to see him.

Besides, even if she did agree to meet him, he wouldn't be able to stay there with her for three years anyway. Outsiders generally weren't allowed to enter or stay in that campus without a proper reason.

Paul took Charles's silence to mean that he wasn't willing to let him go, so he anxiously said,"Young Master, can I please go visit her? Before I leave, I will deal with my current duties at the company and hand the job of WSS over to Bun.

Please let me go see her."

"Paul, are you sure you want to go there to see her?" Charles asked.

Throughout this whole exchange, Linda stayed silent because she didn't know what to say at that moment. Love worked in such mysterious ways. When Cindy had liked Paul and desperately chased him, Paul had been indifferent to her and ignored her without giving her a chance.

But after the incident with Sarah, Cindy had made up her mind to give up on Paul.

Perhaps she had done so because the incident had jolted her back to reality and she had finally accepted that Paul didn't have feelings for her.

But now, all of a sudden, Paul was saying that he liked Cindy after all and wanted to go to the National Defence University to see her. Linda had never seen such a silly man. Cindy had confessed her feelings to him so many times before, but he hadn't even wanted to give their relationship a try.

It wasn't until Sarah attacked Cindy that Paul had finally realized how much he cared about Cindy, but it was too late. Cindy had already decided to move on. The whole situation was pitiful.

Maybe it was because the grass is greener on the other side.

When Cindy had been crazy about Paul, Paul had insisted that Bun would be the only woman in his heart. But now that Cindy had finally let him go, Paul was saying that he liked Cindy after all. It seemed that people always wanted what they couldn't get instead of cherishing what they had.

Paul felt sad and helpless, desperately hoping that Charles would allow him to go to find Cindy and talk to her. With that in mind, he decided to make a convincing case.

"I'm sure I want to go. I want to see Cindy and make it up to her, with all my heart. In the beginning, I thought I would only love Bun my whole life because Bun was the first woman I fell in love with. I had loved her for so long that I believed that I could never love another woman the way I loved Bun. When Cindy appeared in my life and confessed her feelings to me, it was unexpected and even a little scary. I wa

sincerely, he had just ignored her. But when she had put on an act to please him, he had begun to be infatuated with her, which disgusted her. Even if a boy didn't love Cindy for who she really was, she knew how to charm him and win him over so that she could break his heart like he had broken hers. Of course, she wouldn't do such a cruel thing without being provoked. In middle school, the boy hadn't just rejected her, and he had told on her to the teacher and gotten Linda involved. Now, Paul hadn't just rejected her, and he had been indifferent to the point of being cruel even after she had saved his life.

So, Linda was worried that if Paul went to find her, Cindy would treat him the same way she had treated the boy in middle school.

Linda hoped that Paul was strong enough to endure any torment that Cindy would cause him. She mentally wished him well.

Now that Paul had gotten permission from Charles and Linda, he went back to the company. It took him one day to deal with the company affairs, and then he spent another half a day handing the job of WSS over to Bun.

After that, he began packing up his things.

Linda watched him quietly, wanting to tell him about how Cindy had treated the boy in middle school, but she hesitated.

In the end, she didn't say anything. This was a personal affair between Cindy and Paul, and Paul had to experience and deal with the whole thing on his own.

Before this, Paul had been very stubborn and hadn't wanted to accept Cindy at all, so now he would have to pay for everything he had done if he wanted to win Cindy back.

If Paul and Cindy did indeed love each a lot, they would be able to work through all their problems and be together at last. Being Cindy's sister, Linda thought that it was better if she didn't meddle in this matter. Cindy was still very young, so Linda decided to let nature run its course.

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