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   Chapter 583 Take Good Care of Cindy

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Cindy had indeed been badly wounded this time, but Linda tried hard to persuade herself into believing that Cindy's condition would definitely get better as minutes went by. Yes, Sarah had stabbed Cindy brutally, but her knife hadn't been long enough to cut deep and she had mostly stabbed Cindy in the legs anyway, so none of Cindy's wounds would be life-threatening. Even the most serious wound in Cindy's belly might not have been deep enough to hurt her vital organs. There was a great chance that Cindy would recover after a long period of rest.

The surgery had been going on for eight hours when the red light of the operation room was finally turned off. Then, several nurses wheeled a still and unconscious Cindy out of the room on a stretcher, followed by Anna. Anna had hurried over to the operation room to perform the surgery personally as soon as she had heard about Cindy's condition. She wouldn't have been able to rest assured otherwise. She was afraid that the knife might have hurt Cindy's arteries. If Cindy didn't receive the best treatment in time, she might become disabled afterward.

"Anna, how's everything going?" Linda asked with concern.

When Anna took off her mask, Linda could see the tiredness painted across her face. There were beads of sweat on Anna's forehead, and her face had gone pale. It seemed that the eight-hour surgery had completely drained her energy.

"My Lady, Cindy should be fine. She's officially out of the danger zone. But she has to take a good and long rest to recover her health in the next few months. If she's not properly taken care of or gets hurt again, she might suffer later on," Anna slowly explained to Linda.

"What about the wounds in her legs? Will she be able to walk normally after this?"

"Well... that depends on her recovery..." Anna stammered.

She wasn't able to make a firm judgment yet because Sarah had stabbed Cindy that violently.

Cindy was transferred to a ward in the ICU where a few nurses attended to her. Paul tried to follow the nurses into the ward but they stopped him at the doorstep; nobody was allowed to enter the ICU ward casually. Cindy needed the special medical care of the nurses now, and Paul would only distract them if he tried to break in.

Seeing the anxious and concerned look on Paul's face made Anna curious. She wondered why Paul had changed his attitude toward Cindy all of a sudden. She asked Linda in a low voice,"My Lady, what happened to Paul? Why is he so concerned about Cindy's condition? It's not like him. Hasn't he got no special feelings for Cindy all along?"

"Cindy was stabbed by Sarah so many times after saving Paul by pushing him out of Sarah's way. So now,

her cheeks with his fingers, and said,"Honey, why are you still awake? I'm sure you're tired. Everything will be fine. Don't think too much about it. Sleep tight."

Linda shook her head with a bitter smile and said,"I'm tired, but I just can't fall asleep. What should I do?"

Charles gazed at her intently and realized that seeing Sarah dying in front of her must have shocked her.

He patted her on the back lightly and comforted her in a low and deep voice,"Don't think too much. It's all over. Relax."

Charles's soothing words seemed to be magic, because after hearing them, Linda gradually fell into a sound sleep, clinging to Charles.

Linda woke up after ten o'clock in the morning. She had had a long and deep sleep because of how exhausted she had been. When she came out of the bedroom, she found that both Charles and Paul were not in the villa and assumed that they had probably gone to the company.

In the company building of the Mu's Group

"Young Master, are you really going to give me ten days off to take care of Cindy?" Paul asked eagerly as he walked out of the meeting room with Charles.

"Yes. Just go and take care of her. You're at the right age to get married. Cindy is young and lively. I think she's a good match for you," said Charles.

"Thank you. I'll hand over my work to my colleague then," Paul replied excitedly.

He estimated that he would finish handing over his work before five o'clock in the afternoon. There was a chance that Cindy would wake up this evening. If she did, then he would keep her company at the hospital. He felt his heart beat faster at the thought of Cindy. Would Cindy be happy to see him by her side? He hadn't treated her well before but he was determined to make it up to her and treat her much better from now on.

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