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   Chapter 582 Cindy Would Be Very Happy

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 6485

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"No, it's not your fault,"

Paul said, walking up to Charles and Linda. "It's all my fault, Young Master! I should have noticed the knife Sarah hid, and I shouldn't have let her hurt Bun and Cindy!"

Charles nodded and said,"When all this is over, decide which level of punishment you should receive from the Mu Security Team."

"Got it!"

The Mu Security Team had its own punishment system which included three levels of strength training.

Charles, Linda, Bun and Paul had waited anxiously outside the operation room for six hours, but the door still didn't open. Linda was getting more and more worried, and she felt a sense of foreboding.

Paul sat quietly and stared at the red light above the door of the operation room. He had thought a lot while waiting.

All this time, he had been avoiding dealing with Cindy's feelings for him.

He never took her love seriously because he didn't think he would fall in love with her one day.

She was just an innocent little girl, while he…

He was a man with a frozen heart to whom love was unnecessary.

However, every time he saw Cindy stare at him with that desperate look in her eyes, his heart ached.

The pain seemed to come abruptly out of nowhere.

And it scared Paul.

'Have I fallen in love with her?' Paul wondered.

The moonlight streamed in through the windows of the hospital, and a deathly hush fell over the hall. Everything was dead still, except the red light above the door which kept flickering.

Paul decided that if Cindy made it out of this alive, he would give himself and Cindy a chance to be together.

Deep down, he knew he had moved on from Bun.

Thinking about Bun didn't make him feel sad or bring him to tears anymore, so he was sure that he had let it all go. Right now, he just hoped that she could be happy.

Paul was surprised at how his feelings had changed. He had once thought that his love for Bun would be everlasting. Ad

indy I do like her too when she recovers."

Linda was taken aback by his statement. Paul liked Cindy?

What an abrupt change of heart!

"Didn't you say that you don't like her? Why did you change your mind?"

Paul scratched his head, not knowing how to put his thoughts into words. Besides, he was embarrassed to talk about it when Bun was sitting right there with them.

Charles cut in and said,"Paul, the poor fool, didn't realize that he has already fallen for Cindy. It's good that he finally figured out how he feels about Cindy, although it was at the expense of Cindy getting hurt."

"I think I like her, and we deserve a chance to be together!"

"Sorry, Paul! I shouldn't have been so mean to you!" said Linda. She knew that Paul wasn't entirely to blame for what had happened today. After all, she had been blaming herself for everything for the whole day. But it was only because of her worry for Cindy that she had said nasty things to Paul.

Paul shook his head and said,"It's okay, My Lady. It is indeed my fault. I'm a jerk! But you can set your mind at ease! From now on, I will be nice to Cindy, and I will take care of her until she fully recovers!"

Linda was glad to hear that. Cindy was going to be very happy when she woke up and found out how Paul felt!

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