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   Chapter 581 I Won't Be A Good Person

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Linda was startled by Cindy's sudden yelling and finally noticed the glint of a blade in Sarah's hand. A Swiss Army Knife had appeared out of nowhere in her hand! It wasn't a long knife, but Sarah was close enough to Bun, and the knife was obviously sharp enough to pierce into a person's body.

Everything happened in a split second. By the time Bun was shocked back to her senses by Cindy's yelling, Sarah had already stabbed the sharp knife into her back.

In an instant, a searing pain in her back took over her.

"Bonny Lu, I indeed envy you so much,'d better disappear from this world!" Sarah's ghostly voice echoed through Bun's head, giving her goosebumps. Bun began trembling in fear.

"Bun!" Paul shouted, his eyes widening in shock.

Without hesitation, he immediately pulled out his pistol from under his jacket and shot at Sarah's leg. Since Sarah still had her arms around Bun, Paul didn't dare aim at Sarah's vital organs in case the bullet penetrated through her body and hurt Bun as well.

The whole situation was unbelievable. Paul couldn't understand how Sarah had a knife in her hand all of a sudden. Her hands had been empty just a few minutes ago. How could she have cheated everyone's eyes?

The pain that shot through Sarah's leg because of the gunshot made her loosen her hold on Bun and start falling down.

At the same time, Bun gathered all her strength to push Sarah away before dropping onto her knees.

The sound of Bun's knees hitting the ground sent Linda into a panic. She ran up to Bun, held her tight, and asked anxiously,"Bun, are you okay? Hold on. I'm taking you to the hospital right now!"

Paul, worried about Bun's condition, immediately ran up to Bun instead of handling Sarah to make sure that Bun was okay.

Sarah's face had turned white from the pain. Covering her bleeding leg, she screamed in pain, but nobody paid any attention to her. As soon as she realized that everyone's focus was on Bun, she slowly crawled forward on the floor, bearing the pain, and picked up the Swiss Army Knife which she had dropped earlier when Paul shot her. Clutching the knife tightly in her hand, Sarah gathered her strength and moved the knife towards Paul's back.

"Paul, move now!" Cindy shouted.

She had been focusing on Bun too, but out of the corners of her eyes, she had noticed Sarah picking up the knife and trying to stab Paul. Seeing Paul in danger shocked her into action. Ignoring everything else, she instinctively rushed towards Paul at full speed and pushed him out of the way.

The knife pierced through Cindy instead.

Sarah, who was in a psychotic state and wanted to release all her

r treatment, she joined Linda outside the operation room. Linda demanded her to go back home and have a good rest but Bun insisted on waiting till Cindy's surgery was over so that they could go back home together.

The surgery had been going on for more than four hours, but the red light outside the operation room was still on and the doctors hadn't come out yet. Every minute waiting outside the operation room was pure torture for Linda.

She was slowly beginning to feel an overwhelming urge to slap herself. After all, she had been naive enough to give Sarah one more chance. She had even wanted to let Sarah leave SH City! Why had she been so soft-hearted?

If she had just refused to let Sarah meet Bun, Bun and Cindy both wouldn't have been in so much danger!

How could she have thought that it was possible for a woman like Sarah to suddenly want to apologize to Bun? Why had she been so stupid to believe Sarah again?

A leopard never changes its spots.

Evil people like Vincent and Sarah would never turn over a new leaf. Why hadn't Linda learned anything from her past mistakes?

She replayed the events of this whole day in her mind and her regret deepened.

Suddenly, she saw Charles, who had hurried to the hospital as soon as he had heard about the incident. Linda instantly threw herself into his arms and broke into tears. She couldn't maintain her emotionless facade anymore. She was so scared of losing Cindy. The sight of Cindy completely covered in blood flashed through her mind again and again.

"Don't cry, my dear. It's not your fault. Cindy will be fine," Charles comforted her as he hugged her tight in his arms.

"No, it's my fault. I'm so stupid. Why did I try to be a good person and have mercy on Sarah?" Linda choked out.

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