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   Chapter 580 She Is Going To Kill You

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Bun wondered why Cindy was so keen on Paul. Even though Bun had had a crush on him once, she knew that he wasn't a particularly charming man, and she hadn't been nearly as attracted to him as Cindy seemed to be now.

"My Lady, were you looking for me?" Bun asked in a low voice.

"We've gotten news from the police station that Sarah has realized her mistakes and is regretting them now, so she wants to apologize to you in person. What do you think?"

Stunned by Linda's words, Bun lowered her head.

"You should think about it carefully," Linda continued. "In my opinion, Sarah is really very pitiful. So if you are willing to accept her apology, I'll send people to bring her here and apologize to you in person. After that, I'll let her leave SH City and will never allow her to come back again. What do you think?"

Linda knew that the best way to get rid of enmity was to keep all feelings of resentment aside, so she was just making a suggestion on how they could deal with Sarah. The final decision was still up to Bun.

And of course, Linda would surely agree with any decision that Bun made. After all, the person who had been most affected by the evil deeds of Sarah and her family was Bun. If Bun wasn't willing to accept Sarah's apology, then Linda would put Sarah back in prison and let her rot.

"It's not good for us to keep hating and getting back at each other over and over again. So I can let her off this time," Bun said after a while, sighing.

Linda nodded and shouted,"Paul." Paul, who had been waiting at the door, came into the room as soon as Linda call him, and was instructed by Linda to bring Sarah here.

"My Lady, do you remember it? Sarah said some strange words before she was taken away."

"She did? What did she say?" Linda asked, furrowing her brows together.

"She said that even if I'm married to Brian now and my family's name is restored, the Ho Clan members still wouldn't accept me because I'm infertile."

The words immediately came back to Linda. When Sarah had uttered these words, Linda had immediately asked her what she meant by them. However, Sarah had blabbered and laughed like a crazy person, making Linda so angry that she had hit Sarah's face six times. And after Sarah was sent away, Linda had forgotten about this matter completely.

But now when she thought

she had planned. So even if Sarah could escape from the villa, Linda wouldn't try to stop her.

Paul nodded and removed the handcuffs from Sarah's hands. Sarah rubbed her sore wrists before slowly walking up to Bun.

Then, she suddenly took Bun's hand, surprising Bun.

"I wish you and Brian all the happiness in the world," Sarah said.

"Thank you!"

"Can you give me a hug?" Sarah asked in a trembling voice as a few teardrops fell from her eyes.

The first time Bun saw Sarah, she had thought that Sarah was a beautiful but arrogant woman. But now that she was seeing her up-close, Sarah looked older than her actual age, with a few wrinkles at the corners of her eyes. Perhaps it had become that way because Sarah had also gone through a lot of unpleasant experiences.

Bun began to feel pity for the woman, so she gave her a hug.

Sarah continued crying as she embraced Bun. She leaned her head against Bun's shoulder and said,"Bonny, you know I really envy you, right? So..."

Bun couldn't hear Sarah's words clearly, so she shifted her ear closer to Sarah's lips and asked,"What did you say?"

"I said..."

Suddenly, Sarah's mouth twisted into a wicked smile.

Cindy, who still had her head on Linda's lap, saw a flash of metal behind Bun.

She blinked and looked again, and realized that Sarah was tightly holding an army knife in her hand!

Sarah was about to stab Bun in the back.

The sight made Cindy forget all about her own sorrow. She immediately jumped up and shouted,"Bun, be careful! She is going to kill you!"

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