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   Chapter 579 For Paul's Sake

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One morning a few days later, Linda was sitting idly in her bedroom and browsing through articles about nursing babies on her phone when there was a knock on the door. Cindy walked in, looking upset.

Seeing the expression on her face, Linda beckoned her to come over sympathetically. "My dear, are you okay? Did anyone irritate you? Why do you look so sad?" she asked with concern.

Cindy walked up to Linda and sat next to her. In a gloomy voice, she said,"Linda, I have to leave tomorrow."

"Yes, I know. But don't worry. It's not a big deal. It's not like we're saying goodbye forever. We'll see each other again in three years, right? Time flies fast. Before you know it, you'll be coming home again. And the next time you come back, you won't have to leave again," Linda said soothingly, trying to comfort her.

"But I don't want to leave Paul. I won't be able to be happy for even a day in these next three years if he doesn't accept my feelings."

Linda's heart stirred at her words. She could understand how Cindy felt.

Cindy had just reached puberty and she had never been in love before. Since it was her first time to love a man so deeply, it seemed that it would be tough for her to get over this.

Linda wasn't clear about the whole situation, so she didn't know how to comfort Cindy now. Baffled, she wondered whether she should persuade Cindy to give up her love for Paul because he clearly had no intention to be her boyfriend. But she knew that Cindy was a stubborn girl who wouldn't give up easily. Still, if she didn't do anything to pull Cindy out of this unrequited love affair now, Cindy might be depressed and pining away after Paul for the rest of her time at the university.

Deep in her heart, Linda sincerely hoped that Cindy would give up, because Paul had made it clear that he didn't have any feelings for Cindy. If Cindy gave up on him now, she might be heartbroken for a while, but gradually, the wound in her heart would start to heal. That's how most people moved on from their unrequited love. If Paul didn't love Cindy, it was pointless for her to keep insisting on it. Forcing Paul to love her back would just put both of them in an unhappy situation.

So Linda decided to try and persuade her again. "Cindy, perhaps you should give up on Paul. You're leaving tomorrow and you won't be able to see Paul for the next three years. Believe me, you'll definitely start to feel much better as time goes by."

"Linda, I don't want to go back to the university. Can I stay here for some more time? I want to stay by Paul's side. Maybe three months isn't enough for me to win his love over. I can stay here for one or two more months, or even one or two more years.

el to have Paul seeing her this way, especially after being turned down by him again and again.

Linda understood Cindy's behavior but wished that she could forget Paul and return to her normal, happy self soon.

Secondly, she really did have to ask Bun's opinion on the matter. Bun should be the person to decide whether to accept Sarah's apology or not. Even now, Linda felt a stab of pity for Sarah. If Sarah's apology was sincere and Bun could accept it, Linda would consider getting Sarah out of jail.

After all, dozens of years of imprisonment in jail was a huge punishment for a young woman. It would completely ruin her life. Sarah would be around forty years old by the time she was finally released from jail, so it would be hard for her to restart her life. So, Linda decided to give her one last chance.

Paul nodded and went out of the room.

Before he left, he stole one more glance at Cindy's trembling back and felt a stab of guilt. Not knowing why, he felt quite upset in his heart at what he had said to refuse Cindy again.

Linda waited till she was sure Paul had left, then patted Cindy on the shoulder and said,"Did you see that? Paul's so resolute. He doesn't love you. So why are you still crying?"

"I know I should give up on him, but it's so hard to control my feelings!" With her face buried in Linda's lap, Cindy's crying gradually grew softer.

"Whatever it is, you have to overcome this yourself. Nobody else can help you move on. Come on, you can do it!" Linda said, trying to cheer her up.

Bun walked into the room hurriedly but stopped the moment she saw Cindy with her face buried in Linda's lap.

She could hear muffled weeping, but she didn't dare ask too much about it. Anyway, even without asking, she knew that Cindy was probably crying over Paul.

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