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   Chapter 578 Love Him More And More Every Day

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 8045

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After she finished speaking, Linda hit Sarah's face with the slipper once again and said,"I gave you this slap on behalf of Amy. You're supposed to be a good friend of Amy's, but you never persuaded her to stop doing all the bad things she did. In fact, you even helped her. But all you did was only getting her into more trouble and make her life worse instead of actually helping her. I think it's a pity that Amy has a friend like you. You should reflect on your past mistakes."

Linda hit Sarah's face six times in total, which made Sarah's face redden and swell up. Sarah could barely open her eyes after being hit so many times. Even breathing was painful. She'd never expected that Linda would hit her, let alone hit her this hard and so many times!

"Linda Xia, how dare you hit me?" she asked with trembling lips. Linda laughed, wondering how stupid Sarah was to say such words after being hit six times already. After all the cruel and reckless things that Sarah had done, of course Linda hated her and wanted to punish her.

"Just like this. I dare to hit you and I even dare to kick you!" With these words, Linda stretched out her leg and gave Sarah a swift kick in the stomach. Sarah toppled backward, vomited and fell onto the floor.

Linda finally put down her slipper and said to the men,"Take her away!"

Most of the people present had never seen Linda hit anyone like that, but they all thought that Sarah deserved it. She had done a lot of cruel things and she had finally received her punishment today.

Linda knew that Sarah would resent her very much now, so even if she was sent to jail, she would not realize her mistakes or mend her way. Instead, she might become even more brutal. Even so, Linda hoped that Sarah would not harm others after she was released from prison.

After Sarah was taken away, Linda walked up to the table and sat down to continue her breakfast. She hadn't had much appetite since last night, but now that she had dealt with Sarah, she could finally feel relieved a little and enjoy her delicious food again.

But even though Sarah was gone for the time being, Linda didn't feel pleased about it.

Rich and powerful clans always had many enemies, and the Mu Clan was such a clan. Linda had been an ordinary person with a peaceful life, but after getting married to Charles, she had gone through a lot of scary things. Even though she wasn't afraid

, was actually his father.

The week after he figured it out, George came to visit again.

That night, his mother asked George when he would be marrying her, and then they began to quarrel about it.

George drank a lot that night and pressed Jeremy's mother on the bed while calling out the name of another woman, which broke Jeremy's mother's heart. But that wasn't the worst part. After that, George beat her to death in front of Jeremy's eyes.

After his mother died, Jeremy was taken to George's house to live with him. However, George never admitted to anyone that Jeremy was his biological son. George just told people that Jeremy was his sworn son. Ever since then, Jeremy had kept his mouth shut and did what George said, knowing that he was a temperamental man, but that didn't mean that he would ever forget what George had done.

As time went by, Linda and her babies went back to their normal life.

After the abduction, Linda didn't dare go out because she had no idea of what kind of danger she would come across outside. Now that Little Tomato and Little Potato were still very young, she thought she should try her best to look after them at present and shouldn't take any risk of doing other things.

As for Cindy, she had been staying at Linda's house for nearly three months, and her vacation was about to be over. There were only a few days to go before she had to leave, but there still didn't seem to be any chance of Paul liking her, which made her upset. She loved Paul more and more every day and knew that she would miss him very much after she went back to school.

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