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   Chapter 577 One Slap after Another

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As the saying goes,"Man is born good." Sarah had had a good heart until the day her father was sent to jail all of a sudden and her whole family collapsed. Her life had changed abruptly since then, and all she had now was hatred and grudges against others. There were times when she even regretted giving up on marrying Brian and conceding to Bun by letting her marry him instead.

Hatred, sadness, and regret, all mingled with one another and rushed to Sarah's head. A single teardrop ran down her face as she yelled at the top of her lungs,"Shut up! If I hadn't given up on marrying Brian, do you think that you would've had a chance with him? It's because of me that you're married to him now!"

Sarah's words made Bun even more furious. Bun knew that Brian hadn't wanted to marry Sarah right from the beginning, but Sarah was shameless enough to claim that she'd done Bun a favor by letting go of Brian.

"It's because of you that I'm married to Brian? Bullshit! Sarah, who do you think you are? Don't forget that my father was sentenced to death because your father framed him! Who is the one that should be blamed?" snapped Bun.

Hearing the conversation turn to this case again, Linda's head started pounding. That case was the origin of the enmity between Sarah and Bun. And it seemed that Sarah blamed Linda and Bun for her misfortune and wanted to get revenge on them, all because Linda hadn't helped her father.

But Linda hadn't helped Sarah's father because she couldn't be kind to everyone regardless of their deeds.

If Sarah's father had made only a small mistake, Linda would have tried to help him in some way or, at the very least, she would have asked Charles to help him out. However, Sarah's father had committed a serious crime concerning another person's life, another family's destiny. How could Linda even lift a finger to save such a man?

If Linda was granted a second chance to save Sarah's father, she still wouldn't do it. Bun couldn't forgive Sarah's father either. Even if Bun hadn't done anything to avenge her father's unfair death, she would never forgive Sarah's father for everything he had done.

"You bitch! Never compare your father to mine! Your father is not even worth mentioning!" Sarah snapped at Bun in an agitated voice. It seemed like she wasn't in the right state of mind. But Bun started fuming when she heard Sarah talk about her father with such disdain. Even after all the truth of the case had surfaced and Bun's father was proved to be innocent, Sarah still dared to say such words without showing Bun's father even a little respect.

But Bun didn't like quarreling with others and she wasn't good at it either, so, without knowing how to retort to Sarah, she stayed sile

between adults! The kids have nothing to do with it. If you had a child yourself and your little baby was kidnapped, how would you feel? You can't even begin to understand how a mother would feel about it!"

Finishing her words, Linda took one of her slippers and slapped the other side of Sarah's face with it, leaving a shoe print on her cheek.

Charles held back a smile; he was amused by how Linda had used a slipper to slap Sarah. The woman he loved was smart and creative even when she was angry!

Seeing Linda hit Sarah with a slipper, Bun's jaw dropped in surprise. She had never seen Linda hit anyone before, let alone with a slipper! Although Linda had helped Bun seek justice before, this was the first time she was doing something like this! Bun saw Linda in a whole new light now.

Sarah's cheek reddened after being hit with that much force by a slipper. Sarah wanted to massage her aching cheek but her hands were handcuffed behind her, so she couldn't even touch it. It was so painful that tears began to pour down her cheeks.

"Why are you crying now? Weren't you laughing happily at Bun just a while earlier? Didn't you have a lot of abusive words to say? Now you can't even stand a little pain?"

Then, Linda gave Sarah a third slap with the slipper again, and Sarah began to feel dizzy.

"I gave you the third slap for myself. Sarah, you've done so many things to hurt me. Still, I waited without doing anything because I believed that you're not a vicious person in nature and I wanted to give you the chance to change for the better. But I never expected that you'd just become more and more malicious without realizing that you're in the wrong. You even went to the extent of kidnapping my kids! Do you think that I'm a coward who you can bully at your free will?" Linda said, glaring at Sarah.

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