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   Chapter 576 Kind Heart

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The kidnappers had no choice but to quietly watch as Charles took Linda away, because they were well aware that there was only a slim chance of them surviving if they fought against Charles's men now.

They hid and waited for their master to return before reporting the turn of events to him.

At the Mu Clan's villa, everybody was waiting anxiously. When they saw Charles and Linda walk through the door, they all jumped with joy and welcomed them.

Cindy's eyes were red and swollen after crying the whole night, and now, upon seeing Linda, she broke into tears again and threw herself into Linda's arms.

"Linda, are you okay? Are you hurt?" Cindy asked.

Linda hastily shook her head and smiled at Cindy. She felt a little guilty that Cindy had witnessed so many dangerous incidents in this short period of time that she'd been staying here. Linda had gotten used to it, but Cindy used to lead a simple and peaceful life when she was at home and at the university.

Cindy had already gone through a lot of pressure last time when two groups of attackers had blocked Linda's way when she was supposed to give birth. And now, Cindy had to witness Linda's babies being taken hostage. On top of that, Linda herself had been taken away by the kidnappers. No wonder Cindy couldn't take it.

"I'm okay now. I'm safe. Cindy, don't cry. You did such a great job today! You've saved me and my babies for the second time!" Linda said, wiping off Cindy's tears and comforting her.

Indeed, she owed Cindy a debt of gratitude.

If Cindy hadn't been able to restore the damaged video files of the security cameras, they wouldn't have known which wharf to go to. If they had gone to the wrong one, they would have run out of time, and Linda's babies might have been seriously hurt or, worse, killed.

Linda was a grown-up and had the ability to save herself, but what could her babies have done?

"Thank god! Linda, you're finally safe. Charles was so worried about you," said Brian.

"My Lady, how did you manage to escape?" Bun asked.

Both Brian and Bun heaved a sigh of relief when they saw that Linda was safe without being hurt anywhere.

"Oh, Brian, you're here too! How did you deal with that time bomb? Are you hurt anywhere?" Linda asked, finally noticing Brian. She was relieved too.

She had bee

her body.

"Let go of me! Loosen the rope on me now! Fuck off! Are you going to punish me illegally? If you do, I will report you!"

Sarah yelled while she squirmed fiercely, her face twisted in great fury. She glared at Linda, but Linda merely stared back at her with a sympathetic look in her eyes. Sarah was actually a woman that Linda pitied, but she had brought this whole mess upon her because of her rashness and stupidity.

Linda knew that Sarah wasn't actually evil. She was just stupid.

Back when Sarah's grandfather had been healthy, he had guided her and taught her a few things. But now that he was ill and she had to depend on herself, she let herself be manipulated by others stupidly.

Bun, who was standing next to Linda, yelled angrily,"Punish you illegally? And you're going to report us? Sarah, don't you have any shame? Don't you remember what you did to our Lady Linda yesterday? And do you remember how many times Lady Linda has already let you off?"

Bun had initially meant to stay quiet and let Charles and Linda handle this, but when she heard Sarah verbally abuse Linda like this, she couldn't stand it any longer. How could Sarah be so malicious!

Linda had been generous enough to let Sarah off a few times, but Sarah was still ungrateful for it and hurt Linda time and again.

Just thinking about it made Bun get furious, and she didn't understand why Sarah behaved like this. Didn't she have any morals or conscience? Could it be possible that she didn't have a good heart from the very beginning?

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