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   Chapter 575 Linda, You're Lucky To Marry A Famous Man

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Linda shook her head immediately, knowing that if Adrian really told Charles that they had hooked up, Charles would beat Adrian up.

Then, she turned her eyes to the phone and realized that it was charged enough to be switched on now. Once the home screen appeared, she immediately called Charles.

At the Mu Clan's villa, Charles was pacing around restlessly. He'd sent a lot of people to look for Linda, but no one had managed to find her whereabouts yet. He knew that the longer they took to find her, the more danger she would be in, so he became more and more anxious as time passed.

Suddenly, his phone rang. The call was coming from an unknown number that had four eights in a row in the middle. These sort of special numbers were difficult to get and cost more, so the caller was probably a wealthy person. He picked up uncertainly.

When Linda got through to Charles, she immediately said,"Honey, they brought me to a hotel room but I managed to escape from them. But now I'm stuck in the hotel, and I don't think I can get out of here alone. Come over here and rescue me!"

"Which hotel are you in?" Charles's heart raced the moment he heard Linda's voice.

He felt proud of how smart his wife was to be able to save herself in such a dangerous situation. He was also relieved that she was safe enough to be able to give him a call.

But Linda paused; she had no idea which hotel she was in.

"I don't know..." she said uncertainly.

"You're so stupid. The hotel name is written on almost all the things in the room. Can't you see it?"

Adrian said impatiently.

"Oh, right..."

Linda glanced at Adrian's slippers, which had the name of the hotel on them, and realized that she was at the Grand Landers Hotel. She quickly told Charles the name of the hotel.

Charles, who had heard a man's voice on the other line just now, asked,"Who's with you now?"

Linda glanced at Adrian and replied,"A young man who has rescued me."

Charles was curious but he didn't ask any more questions because he knew that there was no time. Linda was in great danger as long as she was at that hotel, so Charles had to rescue her as soon as possible

teful to him because he saved my wife. If you need any help in the future, you can come to the Mu's Group company to look for me at any time."

Paul, who was also standing outside Adrian's room, took a business card out of his pocket and handed it to Adrian's manager after he heard Charles. "This is our Young Master's card. You can come and look for him if you need any help."

Although Adrian was a famous star, there was a chance that people in the entertainment circle who were jealous of his fame would try to harm him or his image. Even a small bad rumor about him would probably ruin his reputation. So, to thank Adrian for rescuing Linda, Charles was willing to help Adrian if he ever got into trouble or faced a career slump in the future.

"Thank you, Young Master Mu," the manager said. He was a wise, sophisticated man. He didn't care about what had happened inside Adrian's room just now. All he knew was that being acquainted with the CEO of the Mu's Group would help Adrian's career greatly.

The manager remembered that Sophia, the actress who had been rumored to be dating Adrian a while ago, was signed to the entertainment company belonging to the Mu's Group.

"You're welcome," Charles said, before leaving with Linda.

The abductors were secretly watching the whole scene, but they didn't dare try to do anything now because they knew that there was no way they could go up against all those armed soldiers.

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