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   Chapter 574 You're Having An Affair with Me

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 8669

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It was only after Linda entered the bathroom and closed the door behind her that she realized that there was nowhere to hide inside there.

Once the enemies broke into this suite and opened the door of the bathroom, they would discover her.

Frustrated, Linda wondered whether Adrian was trying to trick her. He might just hand her back to the kidnappers.

Just then, she heard the front door open. She swallowed nervously and held her breath. She had no choice now but to stay quietly in the bathroom. It wasn't like she could just walk out of here.

She desperately scanned the small bathroom to see if there was something that she could use as a shelter. Spotting the shower curtain, she quickly walked over and stood behind it. However, the curtain was so translucent that the outline of her figure could be seen.

Still, this was better than standing out in the open. She took a deep breath and clutched the dragon ring, getting ready to defend herself.

She heard people talking in the suite, but she couldn't make out any of the words. The kidnappers would come in any time now, so she braced herself to fight. But to her surprise, a few minutes later, she heard the front door close. No one had barged into the room to look for her. How strange! Was it just a trick so she would show herself now? Why would the kidnappers give up on searching this room?

As she pondered over this, there was a knock on the door of the bathroom followed by Adrian's impatient voice. "Come out now!"

Linda hesitated, wondering if the kidnappers were still out there. But if they were, it meant that Adrian had already betrayed her, and it would only be a matter of time before they broke into the bathroom and got her. She took a deep breath and cautiously opened the door.

Adrian rolled his eyes at Linda and said,"Those men are gone, so you can leave now. Remember, don't tell anyone about what you have seen here. If you dare say a word about my private affairs, I won't let you off easily!"

Instead of replying to his warning, Linda asked curiously,"Why didn't they come in to search your room? Why did they believe you?"

She was still shocked that the kidnappers hadn't come in to search the room. This was the most obvious place she could have escaped to.

She obviously couldn't have escaped through the front door, so the only possibility was that she had climbed to the adjacent room through the balcony.

And yet, they had given up on searching for her in this room anyway. That was so strange.

Adrian let out a cold hum, and a smug smile crept across his young and ha


"You have a husband? You've married?" Adrian asked.

Linda nodded at once and repeated,"Yes! I'm a married woman."

Adrian was a little surprised to hear that Linda was married. But anyway, since he wasn't interested in women, it didn't matter to him whether she was married or not. It had nothing to do with him.

He went back to his seat and remained silent. Linda gave up on having a conversation with him and turned her attention to his phone. She just had to wait for a couple more minutes for the phone to charge. After that, she could call Charles and ask him to pick her up.

She was eager to leave as soon as possible. The longer she stayed here, the harder it would be to escape. And on top of that, she missed her babies very much. She had gotten them back only to be separated from them again.

Adrian sipped from a glass of water before turning around and breaking the silence. "The rumor about my relationship with Sophia Liu was created by the crew of the TV series we were acting in. They wanted to attract the public's attention and increase the viewer rating!"

"Oh, I see. So that's the reason," said Linda.

She had guessed as much.

But why was he suddenly willing to tell her the truth?

She was about to ask him the reason when Adrian warned her again,"You'd better remember that I'm just casually telling you this. Don't blurt it out to anyone after you leave. Otherwise..."

"Otherwise what?" Linda stared at him curiously, wanting to know how he would threaten her.

"Otherwise, I'll tell your husband that you're having an affair with me! Do you hear me?" Adrian's smiling face suddenly became menacing, and Linda stared at him blankly. What an unpredictable young man!

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