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   Chapter 573 Discover A Secret

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If Linda could open the balcony door, it meant that she could escape! In general, the door of the presidential suite could be opened from inside, so even if the room was empty and she didn't have the keys, she would be able to leave without a hassle. And luckily, the doors of the two adjacent presidential suites were not next to each other like they were for normal hotel rooms because the people who stayed in presidential suites were usually powerful people who wanted not only luxury, but also added privacy.

As a whole, the design of the presidential suite was great for any guest, but Linda was particularly satisfied with the fact that she could leave the presidential suite without being seen by the abductors.

She was now confident about leaving this suite, but she was still worried that there might be some men patrolling the corridor or the lobby. If they were, she might just be caught again and all her efforts would be a waste. However, she had no other choice now. She couldn't just hide in this suite forever; it would definitely be the first place that those people would search after they realized that she was missing. She decided to give it a try instead of waiting helplessly.

As soon as she cracked open the balcony door a little, she heard sounds coming from the room. At first, she was surprised. She hadn't thought that there was anyone inside the suite.

But soon, when she discerned the sounds coming from the room, a blush settled onto her cheeks and her heart began to race.

It sounded like there was a couple making love there, so Linda hesitated whether to enter the room or not. She didn't want to walk in on people having sex, but she didn't have any other choice either. She stood there nervously, not knowing what to do now.

"Don't... Ah... not there," came a voice, dripping with pleasure.

But strangely, the voice sounded like a man's instead of a woman's.

Linda was about to close the door of the balcony and hide in the balcony for a while, but when she tried to stand up, she accidentally hit the door. The thud of her hand hitting the door alerted the people inside the room.

"Who's there?" someone called.

The noise coming from the bedroom stopped abruptly.

Linda stood rooted to the ground in fright. There was nowhere to hide in the balcony.

All of a sudden, the curtains were drawn by a man. Linda immediately lowered her head and said,"I'm so sorry for intruding. Please don't get mad at me. Please just ignore that I'm here and let me leave through the front door. I promise that I'm not here to make any trouble."

"Who are you? Why are you here?"

When she heard those words, Linda realized that his voice sounded a bit familiar. Confused, Linda loo

the fact that he was actually gay.

"No, it's nothing like that! I'm so sorry. I didn't see anything," Linda said, immediately covering her eyes.

But when Adrian was about to reply, there was a knock on the door.

Linda's heart almost leaped out of her mouth when she heard the sound. She knew that it was the abductors who had come here to look for her.

"Listen, here's the truth! I was abducted by some people and I was trying to escape. That's why I came to your room, but now they're here looking for me. Just tell them that you didn't see me here!" she whispered anxiously, fearing that people outside the suite would hear her.

Adrian sneered and said,"Why do I have to help you?"

"So you're not going to help me?" Linda asked, disappointed. There was another knock on the door, louder this time. Linda immediately stood straighter and said,"If you don't help me now, they will take me away. After that, even if I'm in great danger, I will make sure that I tell everyone your secret. By then..."

Before Linda could finish her sentence, Adrian angrily cut in. "How dare you threaten me?"

"Well, when you have nothing to lose," Linda snapped back.

She didn't care how reckless she sounded. She was in a dangerous situation now and she had to find a way to save herself. If threatening Adrian was the only way she could save herself, then so be it.

Adrian took a deep breath and clenched his fists tightly, and for a second, Linda thought that he was going to punch her. However, as the knocking got more incessant, he pointed at the bathroom and said,"Get in the bathroom now."

Linda quickly scrambled into the bathroom and locked it.

She hadn't intended to disturb Adrian or discover his secret, but she'd had no choice. Now all she could do was to hope that he would cover for her.

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