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   Chapter 572 There Was Always A Way Out

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Linda hoped against hope that there was a regular ballpoint pen in the room so that she could use it to unlock the handcuffs on her wrists. There were very few things in a hotel room that could be used to unlock handcuffs, and a pen was the only thing she could think of that she was confident would be able to unlock the handcuffs. It was her only hope to escape from this situation.

Since she was blindfolded, the first thing she needed to do was figure out where the desk was. She squirmed on the bed, trying to reach the edge. Moments later, her head hit a hard surface. She was almost sure that she had hit the wall. In any ordinary hotel room, there would be desks on both sides of the bed, and the notebook should be on top of one of them.

Now that Linda had a vague idea where the desks were, she managed to sit up on the bed and move to the left side. When she reached the corner, she stretched her hands back till she could feel the surface of the desk. She ran her hands over the objects on the desk and was disappointed to find that there was only a lamp and a small box on the desk.

After confirming that there was no pen on the desk she was searching, she began to move to the other side of the bed to search the other desk. She had already spent a lot of time searching this desk and she was afraid that someone would come into the room at any minute, so she began to move fast. Unfortunately, she had reached the edge of the bed without knowing and fell roughly onto the ground.

Her body hurt, but there was no time for her to rest. She stood up at once and began to search the desk. Once again, she could guess what objects were on the desk by feeling around. There was a telephone on the desk and there were a few pieces of paper beside it. Those pieces of paper must be for leaving feedback! She was sure that there must have been a pen next to them.

She began searching the surface of the desk carefully, but couldn't feel any pen. 'Shit! No pen?' Linda thought to herself.

She found it hard to believe that there were only pieces of paper on the desk. What hotel wouldn't leave a pen there too? She felt around the surface of the desk more slowly and thoroughly but still found nothing. Then, she noticed that the paper was placed near the edge of the desk. It was possible that the pen had simply fallen onto the ground. With that thought, she bent over to search the ground at once, but accidentally hit her head on the corner of the desk.

It hurt so much that she almost cried.

But it didn't matter, because she'd been right; the pen was on the ground after all. She grabbed the pen with one of her hands and twisted it with another. Luckily,

crossing over to the other balcony even though she was afraid of heights.

When she looked down from the balcony, her legs turned to jelly.

But in order to escape, she had to work up the nerve to overcome her fears. She was a mother now, a mother to Little Potato and Little Tomato. She couldn't leave them at such a young age. She had to try her best to get back to them. So she climbed onto the chair slowly, and then climbed down to the outer side of the balcony railing, keeping her feet in the gap between the railings and holding the railing tight. Taking a deep breath, she took a big step and reached out her hands to grab the balustrade of the next room's balcony.

She was already standing on the outer side of the railing on the next balcony. Now, all she had to do was climb inside.

She looked down as she leaned against the railing, and had to force herself to breathe. The thin breeze blowing against her hair made her heart beat faster.

Slowly, she lifted one leg over the railing, and then the other one.

Finally, she landed onto the floor of the balcony next door.

The hardest part was over. Linda knew that there was now a strong possibility of her escaping. She looked at the balcony door and found that the curtains were closed. The room seemed to be dark and empty.

It was possible that the balcony door was closed.

That was a problem she hadn't thought about before. If she couldn't open the balcony door of this room and get inside the room, the man who had abducted her would easily spot her when they realized she was missing and began to look for her.

Taking a deep breath, she gave the handle of the balcony door a pull. To her surprise, the door opened. Linda had never felt so lucky before. It seemed that there was always a way out.

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